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Black Activists Fighting For Environmental Justice

Meredith O'Connor | February 17, 2021 | 6 min read

We’re celebrating the Black environmental heroes fighting for environmental and climate justice.

Why Michael Regan’s Nomination to The EPA Matters

Chelsea Murphy | February 01, 2021 | 5 min read

If confirmed, Michael Regan would be the first African American man to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Nonprofit Teaching Students to Grow Food at Home

Christine Carpio | January 27, 2021 | 2 min read

Big Green works in schools across the country connecting kids with nourishing food through education and supplies.

How to Fight Hunger in Your Community

Erin Berger | December 21, 2020 | 4 min read

Hunger in America is at an all time high. From donating to volunteering and grassroots efforts, here’s how you can help today.

Fight Racism With the World’s Biggest Bake Sale

Patty Lee | December 18, 2020 | 3 min read

How Bakers Against Racism used a bake sale to raise $200 million for social justice causes. Learn how you can take part this holiday season.

7 Nonprofit Organizations Doing The Work

Christine Carpio | December 01, 2020 | 4 min read

We’re celebrating Giving Tuesday by recognizing the incredible nonprofits we partnered with in 2020.

Your Vote Is Essential

John Davies | September 30, 2020 | 2 min read

The most important thing you can do for the planet is to vote for it. Explore the story behind the term "carbon footprint" and how you can support a sustainable future.

Why These Fires Feel Different

John Davies | September 16, 2020 | 5 min read

Nothing can shelter us from climate change. And it’s going to get worse unless we do something about it. Learn how you can help those impacted by forest fires.

Why I’m Volunteering to Be a Poll Worker

John Davies | September 01, 2020 | 2 min read

Today is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day and democracy needs our help. Here are ways you can sign up to support a fair and safe election today.

Keeping Up With Climate Change

John Davies | August 05, 2020 | 5 min read

Traditional media’s coverage of climate change is problematic. Here are 7 sources to keep up with the world’s most important story.

Why Local Farmers Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

Christine Carpio | July 13, 2020 | 2 min read

Buying locally grown produce helps strengthen your community and reduce CO2 emissions, while also protecting local water sources and wildlife habitats. Here are some ways you can support small farms.

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