What It Means to Be a Conscious Consumer

Despite the trend towards minimalism, we have more stuff now than ever before — but is all this stuff really making us happy? And really, what does it mean to be a conscious consumer?

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9 Sustainable Shoe Companies to Know

Conventional shoes are made with some destructive processes and materials, but these companies are changing all of that. Check out the shoes for men, women, and kids that are gentle on people and planet (and look pretty fly, too).

How to Start a Green Friday Tradition

Ditch the Black Friday sale stress and start a Green Friday holiday tradition with three fun, healthy and meaningful ways to spend your day-after-Thanksgiving.

19 Green Companies for Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to mean waiting in lines at big box stores. These incredible shops have great sustainably produced gifts that your list would love to get this season!

5 Stylish Eco-Friendly Bed Frames

The right bed frame can bring your whole room to life, expressing your style and personality while creating a cohesive space you actually want to spend time in, so it’s natural to want the best of the best!

Patagonia Stands Up for Public Lands

In Patagonia’s first ever TV commercial, the outdoor company took a stance against interests in Washington to defend public lands from private interests.

DIY Sage Bundles to Cleanse Your Home

Burning sage in your space is an incredible way to not only transition to the month ahead, but cleanse the air and the energy from your home and start fresh.

How to Make a Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Turns out, those spiced pumpkin lattes available at the corner coffee shop aren’t exactly filled with real, pumpkin-y goodness. Get our recipe for a real one, and you’ll never go back.

13 of the Best Green Books for Kids

Sustainability is a big message to convey to young minds, but these books make it easier to teach kids about how we can be kind to the earth (and make GREAT gifts).

Omnivore-Approved Vegan Holiday Recipes

Happy World Vegan Day! Deck the tables with cups of coconut milk — it’s a vegan holiday dinner, and we have a recipe for every course in this mouth-watering guide.

G-Star: Meet Your New Favorite Green Jeans

Introducing G-Star, the high-end jean designer who’s turning fashion on its head with its sustainable practices, ethical manufacturing, and community support.

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