We are Still in: Standing Up for the Planet

When your government doesn’t follow through the way you would, you don’t have to sit down and accept it. Meet We Are Still In, the movement that’s encouraging us all to stand up for the Paris Climate Agreement, and see how we’re aiming to help make a difference.

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Is Noise Pollution Ruining Our Hearing?

We live in a world of constant noise and it’s becoming a growing concern for our hearing. Meet Happy Ears, the company with a simple and sustainable solution.

3 DIY Face Masks to Soothe End-of-Summer Skin

These three DIY face masks address some of summer’s most pressing skin concerns — dryness, congestion, and sun damage — and star one common, do-it-all star ingredient: raw honey.

5 Books to Read for a Fresh Perspective this Fall

Whether you’re a fan of health and wellness how-to’s or want to stretch your knowledge of the earth and environmental connection, here’s a little something to inspire the bookworm in us all.

5 Ways You Can Help Protect our Oceans Right Now

The ocean is a powerful force of nature, and its health is critical to sustaining life on Earth. What can you do?
The Inland Ocean Coalition shares 5 ways to act now, regardless of where you live.

How Barre3 is Empowering Women

barre3 is the talk of fitness circles, but this exercise program is more than sweat and spandex. From childcare to a community of inclusion, barre3 is changing the feel of group fitness.

How to Give up Added Sugars

Sugar consumption has been linked to everything from obesity to poor mental health and compromised gut health. But swearing off it is more difficult than it should be, with hidden sources lurking in even our “healthy” foods.

9 Bedroom Plants That Help You Sleep

What if you could fill your bedroom with beautiful plants and sleep better? Here’s the list you need to catch more Z’s with your green thumb.

8 Off-the-Grid Airbnbs You’ll Love

From glamorous Malibu Airstreams to Hawaiian treehouses, these remote (ready for rental) abodes will give you a serious case of wanderlust.

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