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Why the B Corp Business Model Matters

An inside look into the rigorous process of becoming a B Corp — and how the certification is reshaping business in America to benefit all. B Corp measures businesses by whether they are good actors and deliver value to all.

The Brand Raising the Bar For Beauty Products

The clean beauty industry in the U.S. has exploded over the past several years. But few companies are committing to the level of organic certification found at Vermont-based Ogee in its luxury skincare line.

On Adopting a Dog During a Global Pandemic

Yes, if you’re lucky enough to work from home, it’s a great time to adopt a dog, but be sure to answer these questions first to make sure you’re ready. But if you’re a first-time dog owner and have as many questions as we did, here are some tips.

Bidets In America: The Change That’s Finally Catching On

With nationwide TP shortages, it’s time to talk about how bidets are the most effective — and sustainable — way to clean back there. Meet Tushy, the new way to combat TP shortages and reduce your impact on the environment.

Essential Stay at Home Cures for Anxiety

You have every right to feel overwhelmed. Anxiety is a part of you, but it doesn’t have to define you. Take these tips to heart, and the next time you find yourself in an anxiety attack, try one out for yourself.

It’s Time to Get Chickens

Having backyard chickens is inexpensive, simple, and full of rewards like farm-fresh eggs produced right from your home. Here’s how you can learn to raise your own chickens.

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