Would You Clean Your Home with Probiotics?

Probiotics prove that not all bacteria are bad, in fact, some bacteria are the good guys. The superheroes defending your body from the bad guys. But have you ever considered that those virtuous little bugs may benefit more than just your gut flora and feeling of wellbeing?

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The Nonprofit That’s Building Community with Sustainabilty ​

To help support landscapes ranging from wildlands, working farms, and forests, to urban communities in the center of the city, this group of volunteers fight for their belief that no matter what horizon you fall into, we are all interconnected.

What’s Really in Your Water Bottle?

Do you carry a water bottle? Chances are, you do. With awareness of the impact we as individuals have on the environment is growing, it’s not uncommon to carry a water bottle with us beyond the gym or our running routine—maybe you even have more than one.

10 Beautiful Ways to Eat and Drink Lavender

Lavender is full of health and beauty benefits — but it’s also just nice to smell and look at. It doesn’t just pair well with shea butter though — here are 10 ways to use this versatile herb and get the full effect.

Clean Paint for Cleaner Air: Meet Clare

Interior paints can release a whole host of not so nice gases, so what’s a budding designer to do? We found a solution that’s clean, green, and delivers to your door.

Why & How to Cook with Avocado Oil

Think back several years, what were the oils you relied on to cook with? Canola oil? Vegetable oil? Maybe – if you were really ahead of your time – even extra virgin olive oil?

The Psychology of Adopting Healthier Habits

Mindset work and psychological hacking have taken the internet by storm as one of the most sustainable ways to get healthy (and stay that way). So how do you get your brain on board with something when your body wants to sleep in?

DIY Rose Sea Salt Scrub for Mother’s Day

Could there be a better holiday to ring in May than Mother’s Day? A time to celebrate the caregivers in our lives who fulfill the important role of “mother-mom-mama”.

A Better-for-You Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

Often the crowd favorite for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the margarita is a bar and party classic that’s undeniably tasty – but not exactly a healthful choice when it comes to your wellbeing.

2019 Mother’s Day Green Gift Guide

It’s never been a better time to be a crunchy mom, so we’re hint-dropping like crazy in this year’s edition of the Green Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Shamelessly share and tag on social media — these prezzies are too good for tact.

DIY Lip & Cheek Stain Made with Simple Ingredients

We’re sharing a quick and easy DIY to create your very own lip and cheek balm. Free of any nasty oils, this simple balm is filled with only the good stuff, and when applied to lips and cheeks, adds hydration and a dewy look that’s perfect for summer.

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