DIY Recovery Gummies

Eating a snack or small meal post-workout is key to replenishing energy lost during your gym session and optimizing protein to prevent muscle breakdown and increase strength. These recovery gummies will help you bounce back quicker, stronger and faster — so you’re ready to go all over again the next day.

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Celebrate the First Day of Spring — Green Juice Recipes

At long last, the first day of spring is finally here. After a cold and frigid winter, the earth is thawing, the sun is shining and the birds are singing their songs just a little bit louder. If there was ever something to celebrate – it’s this.

Is H&M’s Conscious Line Too Good to Be True?

The second biggest fashion retailer in the world has taken big strides to make fast fashion more sustainable — but is it enough in one of the most notoriously unsustainable industries in the world?

4 Planet Warriors You Need to Follow for Women’s History Month

These brave women have stood up to naysayers, took courageous stands against industries much larger than themselves, and have come face-to-face with governments who’d rather turn away than ensure a safe and stable future for the Earth and its inhabitants.

How to KonMari Without Throwing Everything Away

The new Netflix series based on Marie Kondo’s book has people running to their closets in droves to pile garbage bags at the curb. Get our lower-waste tips to “spark joy” without any environmental regrets.

4 Beauty Products With an Unexpected Ingredient

Snail slime, lanolin (aka sheep sebum… yes, really), and – not to really creep you out – but even your own blood are just a few of the very strange starring ingredients in the latest and maybe-not-greatest beauty treatments and products out there.

Clean & Conscious Skincare with Cocokind

Launched in 2014 by founder and CEO (and former Wall Street investment banker), Priscilla Tsai, Cocokind was created with women in mind. A hormonal acne sufferer herself, Tsai began her journey to Cocokind first as a consumer, in a situation all too familiar to many of us: when she wasn’t satisfied with the efficacy of the prescription treatments prescribed to her, she looked towards nature for some answers.

How to Help Protect 5 of the Most Pristine Places in Alaska

Known for its towering mountain peaks and glaciers, Alaska is full of biomes. You can venture out to old growth forests, untouched wetlands, tundras or find yourself gazing at wild salmon swimming down a river.  This past month, we learned about Alaska Wilderness League and their mission—to protect and defend America’s last wild lands.

How to Sleep Better during Pregnancy

Getting a good night’s rest while expecting may feel like an impossible feat. With each trimester, new challenges and symptoms appear to steal your precious z’s. Don’t worry, mama, we’ve got your back!

It’s Here: Toad & Co Spring Sneak Peek

Toad&Co is one of the most sustainable clothing lines out there, and their new spring collection takes it a step even further. With a line that’s 100% sustainably manufactured and a spring catalogue FULL of new styles, it’s time to start refreshing your wardrobe.

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