5 Raw Cookbooks for Summer

We’ve all been there: It’s sweltering hot outside. It’s sweltering hot inside. And the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven to actually cook yourself something to eat.

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Should You Try Goat Yoga?

Yoga, goats, and rolling pasture. It’s totally a thing, and it’s probably even cuter than mommy and me yoga.

Plant-Based Beauty with Seed Phytonutrients

These days, you could say the plant-based and non-toxic beauty industry is, well, blooming. Keeping your skin and body glowing with nature-based ingredients is easier than ever.

Top Sustainable Fashion Picks for Summer

The first day of summer is just 21 short days away – but if you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down for months now, looking forward to lazy days at the beach, long bike rides, ice cream and of course, breezy summer fashion.

Why I Care About Sharks and You Should Too

Nobody wants to run into a shark in the ocean, but these marine predators serve a big purpose. What happens when they stop appearing in our neighborhood waters?

How to Ditch Your Toxic Deodorant + Why

Raise your hand if you’ve ever attempted to make the switch from a conventional antiperspirant or deodorant to an all-natural deodorant and found the results to, well… stink.

Does Your Sleep Environment Need an Upgrade?

It’s nothing new that good, quality sleep is essential to our mental and physical health. Still, most of us aren’t getting enough. We all know the importance of sleep, and potentially even steps to get good sleep, yet still, we are sleep deprived.

What’s Really in Your Water Bottle?

Do you carry a water bottle? Chances are, you do. With awareness of the impact we as individuals have on the environment is growing, it’s not uncommon to carry a water bottle with us beyond the gym or our running routine—maybe you even have more than one.

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