5 Things to “Tidy Up” From Your Life for a Healthier Home

It’s hard to deny the satisfaction of a good spring cleaning. Scrubbing down every surface until it gleams, laundering every last piece of clothing and donating unwanted and unused items to a good cause—to name just a few of the tasks involved.

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How to Organize a Community Cleanup in Your Area

Time and again it’s been found that uniting under a cause can create a sense of unity and who wouldn’t want that for their neighbors. But as easy it is to grab a bag and start picking up trash yourself, actually organizing a community cleanup or beautification effort takes, well, organization.

Why I’m Obsessed With Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen protein powders have blown up BIG in the last year, and for lots of really good reasons. These proteins are incredibly easy to dissolve, disappearing completely into everything from a cold cup of green juice to a hot mug of bulletproof coffee.

Closing the Loop with Looptworks

By now, you’ve likely heard about the incredible amount of waste generated by the fashion industry. What if you could take that “trash” and turn it into something beautiful? The founders of Looptworks had the same thought.

Welcome Fall With Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

With the air getting cooler our cravings for comfort food are getting stronger. Try this healthy twist on pasta and perfect dish for fall using the ever-so-stringy, low-carb vegetable – spaghetti squash.

A New Life for Plastic Bags – As Sleeping Mats

We use about 160,000 bags per second, adding up to about five trillion bags per year. And only about 1% of those bags are actually recycled. What if there was a way to turn thousands of those bags into something that would benefit people in need in your community?

7 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Halloween produces a lot of waste for one night of fun, but it doesn’t have to (and you don’t have to miss out, either). Here are just a few really, really simple ways to make a big difference in your Halloween’s impact this year.

Go Veg For A Day

It’s not just the planet that could benefit from a reduction in meat and animal product consumption – your own health stands to benefit as well. Reducing consumption of animal products could have beneficial effects on the heart, potentially prevent certain types of diabetes, and may support kidney health.

This Natural Sunscreen Is Good Enough to Eat

Sunscreens are a necessary part of fun in the sun, but they can be full of ingredients that—ironically—are toxic to both people and planet. Manda is making a new kind of sunscreen, and we’re obsessed with it.

The Best Activities for Fall

No bucket list yet? No problem! If you’re more of a seasonal minimalist, we’re sharing four of fall must-dos that will help you maximize the season while minimizing stress. Choose one to pencil in this weekend and start the season on a strong note!

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