8 Off-the-Grid Airbnbs You’ll Love

From glamorous Malibu Airstreams to Hawaiian treehouses, these remote (ready for rental) abodes will give you a serious case of wanderlust.

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4 Better-for-You Beauty Favorites from W3ll People

W3ll People’s formulas contain ultra hydrating ingredients and skin-nourishing botanicals, meaning the beauty you create on the outside goes much deeper to support the wellbeing of your skin.

Eliminating Gluten? Try These Guilt-free Desserts

Have your cake and eat it too — without breaking out or upsetting the balance of bacteria in your gut. These gluten-free desserts won’t leave you feeling left out of the sugar rush.

Tiny House Living: What You Need to Know

The tiny house movement is going strong as more people look to simplify, buy less, and lighten their footprint on the planet. Dreaming of your own? Read this first.

5 Pre-Fall Must-Haves from People Tree

People Tree’s clothing isn’t just great for the environment and the people who make them — they’re a boon to your wardrobe as well. Discover five of our favorite pieces from their latest collection.

Why You Might Need A Digital Detox

If you can relate to feeling tech-addicted or you’re feeling the strain of your smartphone elsewhere — such as your neck, back, or hand from too much use — it could be time for a digital detox.

The Organic Cotton Athleisure You Wont Want to Take Off

Organic cotton has the potential to conserve fresh water and dramatically decrease the worldwide consumption of pesticides. PACT is making it all possible (and affordable) with organic cotton clothes for the whole family.

16 Avocado-Lover Necessities

In celebration of National Avocado Day we’re sharing some of our favorite eco-friendly, sustainable and all-natural avocado products. Plus, find out how to get FREE guacamole at Chipotle today.

In Defense of the Day Trip: Adventures Close to Home

Get all of the benefits of a stress-relieving, memory-making vacation while staying close to home. Plan the perfect day trip with our favorite tips and tricks for adventure-seekers and landmark-lovers alike.

These Sunglasses Are Made from Recycled Fishnet

Abandoned fishing gear floats for decades through the world’s oceans, capturing victims long after they’ve been lost at sea. One sunglasses company is reclaiming them to repurpose into cool, recycled sunglasses.

How (and Why) to Stop Using Plastic Straws

Over 500 million disposable plastic straws are used every day in the United States alone. Thankfully a handful of companies are making it easier than ever to go plastic straw-free.

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