Protecting Our Waterways: American Rivers

American Rivers strives to protect wild rivers, restore damaged rivers, and conserve clean water for people and nature through working with a team of over 275,000 members, activists, and employees.

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12 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

You don’t have to live like a caveman to put a dent in your electric bill and reduce your energy consumption, as even the tiniest of efforts can make a difference.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Bacon

All bacon is not created equal, and aside from the obvious things like taste and texture, the best bacon is made from high quality ingredients, humanely raised pigs, and choice cuts of meat.

The Joy of Minimalism + KonMari Method

Minimalism is much more than a clean house and a simple wardrobe — it’s a way of life designed to give you the inner peace you need to live more presently, to truly enjoy every day.

How to Make the Most of A Tiny Bedroom

Having a small bedroom can be really frustrating — nobody should have to choose between a king-sized bed and owning a dresser. Get out tips on how to make the most of your space.

Why You Need a Capsule Wardobe

If your closet is always a mess and you struggle to piece together outfits, the capsule wardrobe system might be your new best friend, and your gateway into the world of minimalism.

The New Patagonia Hemp Workwear Line

We love Patagonia for their focus on sustainability. Since the 1970s, this company has been changing the game, and at long last, they’ve broken into the workwear market.

The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is real. A lack of sleep can visibly affect our skin from changes in hormones, circulation, and more. Want fewer wrinkles and clearer skin? Try hitting the sheets.

10 Tips for Easy + Enjoyable Fall Picnics

This fall, don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from enjoying a meal outside with your family. Grab a big basket, fill it with your favorite finger foods, and host a hassle-free family outdoor meal.

Tips for Sleeping with Back Pain

When you have back pain, usually getting rid of it is not something that is going to happen overnight. Your body needs rest, you need a break from having your focus constantly on the immobilizing pain, but how do you even begin to sleep like this?

How to Recycle without a Program

If you’re in an area with a poor or nonexistent recycling program, don’t despair — there are plenty of ways to lessen your burden on the landfills on your own. Here are a few ways you can go rogue and recycle anyway.

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