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Cozy Up With This Winter Fruit Galette Recipe

January is a quiet time of year. Along with the cold, many of us are drawn to indoor tasks as we kick off the new year. It’s cozy weather, weather that brings new meaning to the words bundled up, in short – baking weather.

The Truth About Greenwashing

From supporting compostable packaging or reading about solar powered facilities, as conscious consumers, we must always stay informed on a brand’s practices and materials to avoid Greenwashing. No brand is perfect, but improvement is essential for our health and planet.

Do You Need a Sugar Detox?

Sugar does more than just bulk up your waistline. This sneaky food additive is in pretty much anything in a package, and has been linked to everything from mental health problems to an increased risk for disease. Are you consuming too much?

This is the FinalStraw: How One Clever Company Is Ending Straw Waste

Roughly 500 million plastic straws get thrown away every single day. They’re not recyclable and are so lightweight, they often blow out of garbage trucks and dumpsters, right into our planet’s ecosystems. FinalStraw is the solution because this problem shouldn’t be a problem.

DIY Essential Oil Roller for Stress Relief

You’ve likely made a few intentions for the new year and we are willing to bet at least one had to do with reducing stress. If you’re looking for ways to support stress relief and reduce tension in the new year, why not try one of our favorite ways to use essential oils: in an oil roller.

Your Guide to Recycling Properly

For most of us, it’s a small comfort when we toss those single-use items in the recycling bin, knowing they’ll be reborn as something else in the near future, right? Maybe not. Use this guide to help ensure you’re recycling the right way.

Decluttering For The New Year: 5 Easy Steps To Take

While we work to set intentions, draft resolutions, and prepare for the year ahead, decluttering is often a task that’s overlooked, but can help set us up for a successful new year. Get a fresh start with our 5 easy steps!

The Perfect Cup with Pacific Crest Coffee

We all know chain shops leave much to be desired, and when we’re out of our element in different parts of the world, we can’t fall back on old favorites – where’s your corner coffee shop when you need it? What would you do for the perfect cup of coffee?

Natural Cold Remedies to Try This Season

This time of year, most households go through cyclical sick spells. One kid brings it home from school, and the next thing you know parental units are dropping like flies. These natural remedies will make you feel better AND help you kick your cold faster.

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