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Protecting Our Water with Cora Ball

What started as an ocean waste research project has evolved into a tiny device that removes microfibers from washing machine waste water — meet Cora Ball. It’s an easy solution to reduce microfiber shedding that we can all get behind.

Tips for an Anxiety-Free Bedtime

For nearly 50% of Americans, getting the quality recommended eight hours of sleep we need every night isn’t a simple equation. Our busy lives during the day lead to stress and anxiety that sometimes carries over to bedtime. Change up your routine with our easy tips to get on the path to better rest.

Cleaning Oceans and Ears: Meet LastSwab

The single-use plastics discussion continues as more and more brands are coming up with low-waste solutions for our daily routines. Meet the founders of the world’s first reusable cotton swab who have made it their mission to tackle the single-use plastics waste stream.

Meet the Makers Series: Red House

“We always wanted to incorporate giving as part of our business model, and after gaining some traction and growth, we decided that supporting our local farmers and those seeking to engage in a direct connection with local food was a perfect fit.”

5 Ways to “Green” Your Pet’s Routine

We are quick to adjust products for ourselves to be more sustainable, but what about our pets? From compostable doggy bags to fresh and natural pet foods, keep your furry friends happy and healthy with these simple, eco-friendly swaps.

Reducing Electronic Waste: Feature on Nimble

As the world gloms on to the newest iPhone, e-waste surges as the fastest growing waste stream on the planet. Meet the company that’s trying to tackle the electronic waste epidemic, one recycled plastic charger at a time.

4 Green Alternatives to Dry Cleaning

Most of us know that dry cleaning isn’t great for the environment, but it’s also pretty terrible for our own health as well. But if your clothes or bedding is labeled as ‘Dry Clean Only’, what are the remaining options?

Avocado Green Team Series: Low-Waste Lifestyle

Day after day, our team is always searching for ways to live more sustainably and reduce our waste. Along the way, our team has implemented their own personal practices. Join us on our journey with these tips.

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