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DIY Rose Chocolate Bark Recipe

With a few simple tools, a couple bars of high-quality chocolate and about 20 minutes of active time, you can make your own DIY V-Day gift that will impress even the most skeptical Valentine.

The Adaptogenic Latte Your Morning Routine Needs

Our favorite adaptogenic latte recipe is a great gateway into the fascinating world of adaptogens. These naturally occurring substances aid in restoration and recovery in the body and are a great natural tool for stress relief.

5 Organic Meal Delivery Services to Try

Eating healthy on a tight schedule can be a challenge, but these organic meal delivery services are making it easy. With wholesome ingredients and ready-made meals, there’s something for every diet out there.

The Best (and Worst) Oils to Cook With

When heated too hot, some oils can create cancer-causing free radicals that get released into our food. Learn which ones you can cook with at which temperatures in our easy to use guide!

The Best Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipes

Break out the almond milk, it’s time to bake cookies! All of these recipes are 100% paleo and 1,000% delicious. Hey, we said they were paleo, not that you wouldn’t eat a hundred of them.

How to Make a Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Turns out, those spiced pumpkin lattes available at the corner coffee shop aren’t exactly filled with real, pumpkin-y goodness. Get our recipe for a real one, and you’ll never go back.

Omnivore-Approved Vegan Holiday Recipes

Happy World Vegan Day! Deck the tables with cups of coconut milk — it’s a vegan holiday dinner, and we have a recipe for every course in this mouth-watering guide.

12 Brunch-worthy Breakfast Cocktails

Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or you just need to pamper yourself after the kids go to school one morning, here are 12 breakfast cocktails you have to sip to believe.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Bacon

All bacon is not created equal, and aside from the obvious things like taste and texture, the best bacon is made from high quality ingredients, humanely raised pigs, and choice cuts of meat.

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