Topic: Food + Drink

Try these Simple Baked Apples to Welcome Fall

A little tart, a little sweet and delicately spiced, these simple baked apples are perfect for when a dessert craving hits on a busy weeknight or when you need to an easy dessert to serve unexpected dinner guests.

Eliminating Gluten? Try These Guilt-free Desserts

Have your cake and eat it too — without breaking out or upsetting the balance of bacteria in your gut. These gluten-free desserts won’t leave you feeling left out of the sugar rush.

Pretty + Healthy: Unicorn Smoothie Recipe

This protein, fiber, and healthy-fat packed smoothie is as healthy as it is gorgeous. Grab your blender and prepare to make the ultimate healthy Unicorn smoothie.

The Best Raw Vegan Brownie Recipe for Summer

These no-bake brownies are the perfect summer staple and are refined-sugar free, vegan, and paleo-friendly. Cure your next chocolate craving with these treats that whip up in just 20 minutes.

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