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How to Make a Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Turns out, those spiced pumpkin lattes available at the corner coffee shop aren’t exactly filled with real, pumpkin-y goodness. Get our recipe for a real one, and you’ll never go back.

Omnivore-Approved Vegan Holiday Recipes

Happy World Vegan Day! Deck the tables with cups of coconut milk — it’s a vegan holiday dinner, and we have a recipe for every course in this mouth-watering guide.

12 Brunch-worthy Breakfast Cocktails

Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or you just need to pamper yourself after the kids go to school one morning, here are 12 breakfast cocktails you have to sip to believe.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Bacon

All bacon is not created equal, and aside from the obvious things like taste and texture, the best bacon is made from high quality ingredients, humanely raised pigs, and choice cuts of meat.

10 Tips for Easy + Enjoyable Fall Picnics

This fall, don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from enjoying a meal outside with your family. Grab a big basket, fill it with your favorite finger foods, and host a hassle-free family outdoor meal.

How to Eat Organic on a Budget

Eating healthy, organic foods on a budget requires a lot of planning, a little patience, and plenty of moxie as you figure out the routine that works best for your family, but it is 100% possible.

13 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Here are 13 make ahead breakfast recipes, some of them healthy, some of them, well, not, but all of which are delicious and can be whipped up the night before for an easy reheat-and-go in the morning.

The Healthy Energy Drink You Need to Try

MATI is an energy drink that’s as effective as coffee, without the crash or toxic ingredients. MATI is serving up a cool, refreshing alternative to jitters-in-a-can.

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