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5 Raw Cookbooks for Summer

We’ve all been there: It’s sweltering hot outside. It’s sweltering hot inside. And the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven to actually cook yourself something to eat.

10 Beautiful Ways to Eat and Drink Lavender

Lavender is full of health and beauty benefits — but it’s also just nice to smell and look at. It doesn’t just pair well with shea butter though — here are 10 ways to use this versatile herb and get the full effect.

Why & How to Cook with Avocado Oil

Think back several years, what were the oils you relied on to cook with? Canola oil? Vegetable oil? Maybe – if you were really ahead of your time – even extra virgin olive oil?

A Better-for-You Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

Often the crowd favorite for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the margarita is a bar and party classic that’s undeniably tasty – but not exactly a healthful choice when it comes to your wellbeing.

The 5 Best Natural Peanut Butters

Natural peanut butters get a bad rap for being oily and bland. Here’s why conventional peanut butter isn’t always the best idea, and which natural ones will make you actually WANT to make the switch.

What Can You Do About Food Waste?

Incredibly up to 40% of food in this country goes uneaten. That is over $1 trillion worth of food that is wasted every year in the US alone. Find out our top tips for ways to waste less.

DIY Recovery Gummies

Eating a snack or small meal post-workout is key to replenishing energy lost during your gym session and optimizing protein to prevent muscle breakdown and increase strength. These recovery gummies will help you bounce back quicker, stronger and faster — so you’re ready to go all over again the next day.

12 of Our Favorite Healthy Soup Recipes

Whether you’re watching your waistline or just really like winter, soups are seasonally appropriate and a great way to get in all of those hard-to-get vitamins and minerals.

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