2023 Avocado Impact Report
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Climate Change Is Coming For Your Coffee

Changing environmental factors and shifting growing seasons as a result of climate change is affecting coffee quality and production — and making prices soar.

How Climate Change Makes Lead and Toxin Exposure Worse

Drought and extreme weather events caused by climate change are releasing lead and toxins in our soil into the air and environment — and minority and low-income communities are being disproportionately impacted.

Why We Have to Curb Methane Emissions Now

Methane emissions warm the planet at a much faster rate than carbon dioxide. Reducing the amount of this long-overlooked greenhouse gas is key to fighting climate change.

How States Are Fixing Our Broken Recycling System

Much of what we recycle either can’t actually be recycled or ends up in landfills. States like Maine and Oregon are hoping to fix our broken recycling system by putting more responsibility on the companies that make these products. It’s 9 a.m. A noisy blue truck trundles down your street, carrying with it your week’s […]

Why You Should Care About Slowing Ocean Currents

Scientists say ocean currents are becoming slower and less stable, which could trigger extreme changes in weather patterns and climate. The next time you gaze at seawater lapping at the shore, spare a thought for the bigger systems behind the movement of the world’s oceans. The combination of waves, tides, and currents is complex and […]

Why the Number of Climate Migrants Will Continue to Rise

If climate change continues to worsen, scientists and researchers predict as many as 200 million people could become climate migrants by 2050. If you’ve read any climate news lately, you’ve probably come across the year 2050. This year is significant for a couple of reasons. It’s the target year for many countries to reach net-zero […]

How Park Prescriptions Improve Health

Research consistently shows that getting outside is great for overall mental and physical health. Now, physicians are prescribing time in nature to improve wellness.

Climate Change Is Causing Animal Species to Shrink

Scientists have found a direct correlation between warming temperatures caused by climate change and smaller-sized animal species — and it may end up affecting their population sizes, too. Evidence has been mounting for decades that climate change and its human causes have devastated the natural world in obvious ways — from substantial declines in global […]

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