2023 Avocado Impact Report
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How To Compost In a Small Space

Composting is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and food waste. You don’t have to live in a house or even have a yard, either. Here’s how to compost in a small space with three easy options. Like writing a thank you note or going to the dentist, composting has always felt like […]

How ‘Brown Girls Climb’ Is Making the Outdoors More Inclusive

Brown Girls Climb is a multi-state organization providing safe spaces for women and LGBTQ people of color to explore climbing. Cindy Su’s nerves are wracked as she drives from Boston to New Hampshire. She’s en route to her first climbing meetup hosted by Brown Girls Climb (BGC), a group that organizes inclusive and accessible outdoor […]

A Beginner’s Gear Guide to Backpacking

Stuff We LoveA Beginner’s Gear Guide to BackpackingWe spoke to four seasoned backpackers and thru-hikers to get the low-down on the backpacking gear they never leave home without. If you’re gearing up to take your first backpacking trip, hold off on hitting up REI until you look around the house first; there’s a good chance […]

The Jumpsuit You’ll Wear Every Day

Stuff We LoveThe Jumpsuit You’ll Wear Every DayThe Outerknown Station Jumpsuit combines style, versatility, and sustainability. It’s also comfy enough to live in. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same T-shirt every day. During his presidency, Barack Obama alternated between plain blue and grey suits. And Steve Jobs was partial to a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and […]

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