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The Jumpsuit You’ll Wear Every Day

The Outerknown Station Jumpsuit combines style, versatility, and sustainability. It’s also comfy enough to live in.

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same T-shirt every day. During his presidency, Barack Obama alternated between plain blue and grey suits. And Steve Jobs was partial to a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. These men had different sartorial tastes, but the logic behind wearing the same thing everyday is identical: to limit decision-making fatigue, opt for a homogeneous wardrobe. I am not a tech billionaire, nor do I hold the highest office in the U.S., but, during the pandemic, I tried to wear one garment on a daily basis to simplify my life: the Outerknown Station jumpsuit

When I started wearing the Outerknown Station Jumpsuit in February 2020, I had a long itinerary of things the jumpsuit and I would do together. The streamlined number is roomy with a slightly tapered waist, which makes it a breeze to dress up and down. I’d pair it with sandals for concerts or drinks with friends and wear it with boots at the office. I’d travel in it, too. The comfy organic cotton-linen blend makes it ideal for long plane and car rides; and six spacious pockets have ample room for a wallet, phone, credit cards, and snacks. 

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But about a week after the garment arrived, the pandemic exploded and the world grinded to a halt. Stay-at-home orders went into effect. I began working a few feet from where I slept. My social calendar emptied, and I started to get most of my human interaction from Zoom calls. I realized the jumpsuit and I would not see a lot of action anytime soon.  

However, as my days began looking more alike, so did my wardrobe. Without giving it much thought, I was zipping up in the Station every day. It was cozy enough to wear at my desk, and offered a semblance of professionalism from the waist up. After continuing the trend for a few days, I asked myself why I hadn’t thought of this earlier. I’d wash the suit occasionally, and I was pleased it always bounced back to its original loose fit even after going in the dryer. And then, on day eight of my streak, my roommate noticed. 

“You’re wearing the jumpsuit again,” she said. 

“Yeah, it’s perfect for quarantine,” I responded. 

“Yeah,” she said. “Is everything OK?” 

I hadn’t meant for my new uniform to be a weathervane for my mental state, but her comment suggested it was. And, to be honest, I was not OK, and I didn’t know anyone who was. The uncertainty wrought by the pandemic made us all scared. In retrospect, my choice to wear the same outfit every day came from a desire to implement control and consistency when it felt like everything was spinning out. Because despite what Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Obama say about the correlation between outfits and decision-fatigue, I like picking out my clothes each morning. I took a break from wearing the suit after that conversation. 

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Still, I’m comforted by the fact I’m not alone in my obsession with the Station. While researching for this piece, I read the online reviews and realized everyone who bought this jumpsuit was also wearing it all the time. A reviewer named Brooke K. said: “It’s so comfortable, I’ve donated the majority of my other clothings and am going to get more in order to have a jumpsuit for every week day.” Another named Joshua M. had a message for potential buyers: “Warning: putting this jumpsuit on might result in never wanting to take it off.” The accolades continued: “I just received my XS Black Jumpsuit and I love it. I think it will become my uniform.” These were my people. 

After a year of testing, the only downside to this garment is the price. The Station costs $178, which is way more than I typically spend on a single item of clothing. But because of its comfort, versatility, and Outerknown’s commitment to sustainability, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth — even if I’m down to only wearing it once a week.


Station Jumpsuit


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