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Meet Thinx: A Sustainable Period Underwear Brand

Thinx period underwear is a stylish, comfortable, eco-friendly solution for that time of the month.

A few months ago, my sister sent me a link to an ad from period underwear brand Thinx. I clicked, and a picture of a person doing a headstand in period-proof boyshorts popped up. “This is amazing,” my sister texted. She loved the ad and the concept of period underwear. “Buy it!!!! Buy it and they win!!!,” I texted back. I was (and am) wary of marketing that appeals to my millennial sensibilities (pastel colors, environmentally friendly labeling, models with trendy haircuts I couldn’t pull off, etc.) and was skeptical the garment could handle my time of the month. I don’t have a tampon-every-six-hours kind of period, I have a wear-a-menstrual-cup-and-pad-or-else kind of period. I would never tempt fate and stand on my head while menstruating — I typically avoid working out until the first couple days of my cycle are out of the way, even though studies suggest movement eases cramps

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I wasn’t sold on period underwear, but I was tired of constant anxiety over bleeding through during the work day or while sleeping or any time I stood up too quickly. So, after some nudging on my sister’s part, I tried out a few pairs of period underwear from Period Aisle, Modibodi, Sustain, and Thinx. I wore them during all stages of my period, and while hiking and doing yoga. I also slept in them a lot; this ended up being one of my favorite uses for the underwear. Though, I never adopted a devil-may-care attitude about my time of the month, once I was convinced the product actually worked, period underwear helped me worry less and live in the moment more. 

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After five months of testing, I was sold on Thinx. Two of the brand’s designs stand out for their style, comfort, and utility: the Hi-Waist and the Hiphugger. The former was far and away the most fashion forward option I sampled, and the latter was my go-to for anything active. And, after such a positive experience — I’ll be investing in more Thinx underwear in the future — I’m excited to try out the brand’s recently launched line of period-proof activewear, which includes leotards, leggings, and bike shorts. Even better, if you want to give the gear a test run before committing, Thinx offers a 60-day return policy. But, back to the underwear — here’s the low-down on my two favorite designs: 







“Sexy” and “period underwear” are not words that typically belong in the same sentence. “Diaper-like” is often a more apt descriptor for the garment. But the Hi-Waist defies expectations. The mesh paneling makes me feel cute despite the exorcism occurring in my uterus. And it’s not just easy on the eyes — it’s functional, too. The undergarment holds up to four tampons worth of blood, thanks to the super absorbent cotton-elastane material at the crotch area. During the first and worst part of my period, I pair it with a menstrual cup, but wear it solo when things lighten up. Cleaning the Hi-Waist is also a cinch: I throw it in with the rest of my machine-washables and hang it up to try. 

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If I’m hitting the trail or doing a downward dog, the Hiphugger is coming, too. The elastic waistband and bikini cut keep it in place without chafing or digging in, and the non-crotch part of the underwear is as airy as regular panties. That’s because it’s made of stretchy, mesh-like fabric, so it’s comfy without compromising absorbency. The Hiphugger is perfect for middle-of-the-flow days when my period isn’t too intense, but I still need adequate coverage. Under loose clothing, I barely notice I’m wearing it, which makes it a favorite for bedtime.


There’s another bonus to switching to period underwear: not only am I getting adequate coverage, I’m producing less trash, too. Before I became a period underwear evangelist, I threw away dozens of tampons a month cased in plastic applicators and filled with chemicals. Now, a menstrual cup plus Thinx replaces the single-use stuff I bought before, giving me peace of mind in more ways than one.  


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