Even experts can learn something new every now and then. Here’s everything the Avocado team discovered about sleep in 2022.

At Avocado, we’re in the business of sleep, so we know a thing or two about quality zzz’s. Materials, for instance, really do matter. Eating or drinking close to bedtime, staring at your phone and other screens, and a saggy mattress will all negatively impact your slumber. And the importance of a nightly bedtime routine can’t be overstated. 

But despite thinking about sleep all the time, we’re always learning more about our favorite hobby. We’re excited to pass on our latest discoveries. Here’s what the Avocado Team learned about sleep in 2022. 

The Right Pillow Makes All The Difference 

My husband is a chronic snorer. In the decade I’ve known him, I’m not sure either of us has gotten a solid night’s sleep — until this year. The gamechanger? Avocado’s Organic Latex Wedge Pillow topped with the Organic Luxury Plush Pillow. The combination eliminated his nightly snoring and totally transformed our sleep experiences. He’s getting more restful shuteye, and I drift off without hourly interruptions to my sleep cycle. I even swapped out my dusty old pillow for the Avocado Green Pillow and now I sleep like a baby every night. —Meredith O’Connor, Copywriter


Organic Latex Wedge Pillow


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Cherish Every Minute

My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world this year. So naturally, I have a lot of feelings about sleep right now. Mostly, I’m rueful for how long I took sleep for granted, particularly during my, let’s say, spirited 20s, and would now do essentially anything short of committing a felony to get more of the sweet stuff. With a baby sharing the bedroom with us, I have to take advantage of every minute I can get. If I have a four-hour window until I’m up soothing or swapping a diaper again, I can’t waste precious minutes tossing and turning while our kid is sleeping. My whole sleep system has to be dialed. That’s why I don’t mess around — my wife and I use an Avocado Latex Mattress, we love the firm support; Avocado Molded Latex pillows (no fluffing or stuffiness here); and breathable GOTS certified organic cotton sheets. It’s a setup that supports every bit of sleep I can get. Now, off to take a nap. —John Davies, Senior Director Brand Editorial + Sustainability 


Organic Latex Mattress


Create A “Chill” Environment

Cozy is my lifestyle. This rings especially true when it comes to home décor — we’re talking amber light bulbs, warm and earthy colors, and, of course, comfortable fabrics. Not surprisingly, all these things end up being great for creating the perfect sleep environment, too. But as much as I love being cozy, I realized that it’s not really working for me while I sleep (my husband also literally radiates heat throughout the night), so I took it upon myself to run a few experiments with the thermostat. After setting different temperatures before bed for about a week, I discovered that we sleep best when it’s 60-65 degrees. This year, it was all about channeling my love for cozy to create a “chill” space. Since we also live in the Northeast, where we have hot summers and cold winters, our thermoregulating, all-season Alpaca Duvet Insert is perfect for helping ensure we don’t get too hot. And it’s Organic Linen Sheets and Duvet Cover all year round in this household. The combination of cooler temperatures and breathable fabrics is simply unbeatable and helps keep the cozy vibes going with the added bonus of lowering your energy consumption. —Christine Carpio, Senior Manager Engagement + Social Responsibility


Alpaca Duvet Insert


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Look Forward to Bedtime

For most of my life, I’ve had sleeping habits that are less than stellar. I would fight sleep to hang out just a liiiiiitle longer, read one more chapter, or watch one more episode. But as I got older, I was tired all the time. I wasn’t sleeping enough and my quality of sleep was subpar. So I cut out the bedtime TV, reduced my phone usage, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. All of this helped. But this year, I took it one step further: I made bedtime an experience. Instead of fighting bedtime, I now look forward to it! I put on my buttery-soft Avocado Modal Pajamas, warm up the Meraki Organic Linen Heat Pad for my neck, treat my hands to some intense moisture with the Weleda Skin Food Hand Mask, spritz my Avocado Green Pillow with some Muse Pillow Ritual Mist — and let sleep take me! —Julie Murphy, Digital Marketing Director


Modal Long Sleeve Pajama Set


Prioritize Sleep Above All (Especially When Traveling)

I’ve been a little out of my usual travel routine the past two years, but diving back in amid flu season this year has made my mantra — of putting sleep first — even more important. Gone are the days of sacrificing sleep to prioritize early morning workouts; I’m now in favor of getting that extra hour of deep sleep. I find the simplest way to support my immune system and return home feeling well is to stay well rested (oh, and wash my hands 10 zillion times). I also always bring an eye mask and earplugs when I hit the road. Another major pro tip is to bring my Avocado Mini Pillow for healthier sleep no matter where my adventures take me. —Jessica Hann, SVP Brand + Sustainability


Organic Mini Pillow


Turn In Early

Sleep came very easily to us before we had our baby girl. Now that she is 16 months, we’ve become accustomed to occasionally operating on little sleep. Our key to quality sleep is resisting the urge to stay up after she’s gone down and hitting the hay once she’s settled. —Annie Graybill, Director of Product Marketing

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