It’s nothing new that good, quality sleep is essential to our mental and physical health. Still, most of us aren’t getting enough.

We all know the importance of sleep, and potentially even steps to get good sleep, yet still, we are sleep deprived. Simply knowing what we need doesn’t necessarily make it happen. Think about your space and how it feels when you step into it, does it give you a sense of calm? A good sleep environment can set you on the path to successful sleep, night after night.

Read on for our suggestions on how to create a space built for sleeping, and sleeping well.


#1 – Clean Out the Clutter

Create a relaxing space in your bedroom. Start with the color on your walls. Studies show that blues, greens, soft pastels, grays and whites are the most calming. Next, remove anything that is not essential and organize the rest. It might be easier said than done, but electronics are best kept out of the bedroom. Ask yourself if you really need that TV in this space. Need more tips? Revisit our article about the Konmari method.

#2 – Lose the Light

Remove any ambient light sources in your bedroom. The presence of even a small amount of blue light can be disruptive to your sleep. Consider what light is coming in from outside — if you live in the city or a place with a lot of artificial outdoor light, blackout curtains could help you achieve a deeper state of sleep.


#3 – Find Your Temperature

A cooler room tends to be better for sleep, but keep it too cold and it could inhibit your sleep. Your bedding should be warm without making you hot. Choose bedding with natural and organic fibers since it is naturally breathable. Your bedding isn’t the only fabric you should be thinking about when it comes to sleep. What you wear, or don’t wear, to sleep is possibly even more important. Did you know that sleeping naked can help keep your body temperature in optimal ranges?

#4 – Try Aromatherapy

A diffuser can be a great addition to your bedroom and help create a spa-like environment. We recommend these options from Saje. Personally, we love to use lavender essential oil in ours for its ability to calm and relax us. But when we are starting to feel under the weather we always reach for the eucalyptus oil. Be sure that you do not place your diffuser too close to your bed, find a nice distance so you can still reap the benefits, but not be distracted by the noise.


#5 – Clear Your Air

The right plants can also be a good addition to your space. In case you missed it, we shared which plants and why here. We also love salt lamps — they not only purify your air but may help ease asthma and allergy symptoms. Plug it in during the day or having it running at night while you sleep, either way, they’re known to help reduce stress and increase energy levels. As an added bonus, the gentle glow helps create a more mindful and zen-like space.


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