2022 Avocado Impact Report
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How to Make Friends

We’re in the middle of a loneliness epidemic — and the consequences can’t be overstated. Here’s how to make new friends and establish a supportive community.

How Healthy Forests Benefit All of Us

Forest conservation is an essential part of the health of people and our planet. Here’s how to help safeguard the future of our forests.

How to Spring Clean Your Mind

Physical and digital clutter affects our productivity, creativity, and can bog us down mentally. Here’s how to spring clean your mind for better mental clarity.

The Toxic Traits of Self-Development

When we focus too heavily on self-development, it becomes toxic to our mental health. We talked to Les Alfred, founder of Balanced Black Girl, about how to break the cycle.

How to Find The Right Therapist For You

Therapists aren’t one-size fits all. In fact, therapists typically specialize in certain mental health conditions. Here’s how to find the right therapist for you.

How Social Media Harms Our Brains

The majority of people use some form of social media to stay connected. But recent studies show the addictive nature of social media harms our mental and emotional health. Here’s why the apps are so dangerous.

How Park Prescriptions Improve Health

Research consistently shows that getting outside is great for overall mental and physical health. Now, physicians are prescribing time in nature to improve wellness.

7 Essential Mental Health Podcasts

We need to talk about mental health. These are our favorite podcasts that aren’t afraid to have honest conversations, provide practical insights, and share all things mental health. 47.1 million people in the U.S. are living with a mental health condition — that’s 1.5 million more than 2020, according to a 2021 report from Mental […]

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