2023 Avocado Impact Report
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What Are Carbon Offsets?

We hear a lot about brands offsetting their carbon footprint. But what does that really mean?

How Unsustainable Is Flying?

New tools make choosing the most fuel-efficient flight easy, but not flying at all is the only sustainable choice.

Why We Need to Go Beyond Electric Vehicles

SustainabilityWhy We Need to Go Beyond Electric VehiclesElectric vehicles will drastically reduce global carbon emissions. But lithium mining required for batteries has major social and environmental costs. Innovations are making extraction of the precious metal more sustainable. Peehee mm’huh, or Thacker Pass, in Humboldt, Nevada, is a vast, largely untouched expanse of wilderness. And if […]

Why You Should Switch to a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a highly efficient way to both heat and cool your apartment or house — and reduce your carbon emissions, too. If you visit the state of Maine on a cold winter day, you might hear the whirring of heaters. But there’s something special about most of these heaters: they aren’t boilers […]

How Freecycling Keeps Furniture Out of Landfills

Millions of pounds of perfectly good furniture end up in landfills every year. By freecycling, you can give trash-bound pieces a new home while reducing waste and your carbon footprint. If you’ve ever shopped for furniture, you know it’s expensive. And with demand set to reach nearly $70 billion in 2022 — according to Market […]

What You Need to Know About Carbon Capture

Carbon capture is a start, but if we don’t also decarbonize our economy, we can’t make meaningful impacts in the fight against climate change. In early August, the latest UN IPCC climate report delivered some grim news: Our planet is already two degrees warmer than it was during the last century. And, more unsettling science. […]

How Drones Can Help Replant Forests

Canadian-based company Flash Forest is using drones to plant thousands of trees in an effort to fight climate change. The Earth has a problem. Every year, 33.1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, and we’ve surpassed the planet’s natural ability to absorb it all. Carbon emissions are causing issues you’re […]

8 Wins in the Fight Against Climate Change

The climate crisis is devastating the planet, but activists, advocacy organizations, and these latest climate change wins are giving us hope for the future. Each quarter, we’re sharing our favorite environmental wins to help us stay optimistic in the fight against climate change. This is the latest.  The Southwest is experiencing a devastating and historic […]

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