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How to Start a Green Friday Tradition

Ditch the Black Friday sale stress and start a Green Friday holiday tradition with three fun, healthy and meaningful ways to spend your day-after-Thanksgiving.

DIY Sage Bundles to Cleanse Your Home

Burning sage in your space is an incredible way to not only transition to the month ahead, but cleanse the air and the energy from your home and start fresh.

What It Means to Be a Conscious Consumer

Despite the trend towards minimalism, we have more stuff now than ever before — but is all this stuff really making us happy? And really, what does it mean to be a conscious consumer?

13 of the Best Green Books for Kids

Sustainability is a big message to convey to young minds, but these books make it easier to teach kids about how we can be kind to the earth (and make GREAT gifts).

Do this with Your Halloween Pumpkins

Don’t toss your jack o’lanterns in the trash, re-purpose them! Here are a few cool things you can do to prolong the usefulness of your fresh, seasonal pumpkins.

How to Get More More Sleep As a New Mom

There’s an unfortunate thing that happens when you have kids. Sleep, that thing you always took as a given in your life, suddenly becomes this rare commodity and treat, and you’re wondering how in the world it became optional.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Green and ghoulish, these Halloween decorations are kind to the planet and make for one killer setting! From biodegradable to DIY and reusable, we have the creepy covered.

Tips for Surviving Jetlag Naturally

Jetlag happens as a result of traveling very quickly across several time zones. Your body is in Paris, but your brain is still back in San Francisco, and it can take some convincing to get your body to conform to a reasonable sleep schedule.

12 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

You don’t have to live like a caveman to put a dent in your electric bill and reduce your energy consumption, as even the tiniest of efforts can make a difference.

The Joy of Minimalism + KonMari Method

Minimalism is much more than a clean house and a simple wardrobe — it’s a way of life designed to give you the inner peace you need to live more presently, to truly enjoy every day.

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