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Topic: Lifestyle

Cleaning Oceans and Ears: Meet LastSwab

The single-use plastics discussion continues as more and more brands are coming up with low-waste solutions for our daily routines. Meet the founders of the world’s first reusable cotton swab who have made it their mission to tackle the single-use plastics waste stream.

5 Ways to “Green” Your Pet’s Routine

We are quick to adjust products for ourselves to be more sustainable, but what about our pets? From compostable doggy bags to fresh and natural pet foods, keep your furry friends happy and healthy with these simple, eco-friendly swaps.

Avocado Green Team Series: Low-Waste Lifestyle

Day after day, our team is always searching for ways to live more sustainably and reduce our waste. Along the way, our team has implemented their own personal practices. Join us on our journey with these tips.

Decluttering For The New Year: 5 Easy Steps To Take

While we work to set intentions, draft resolutions, and prepare for the year ahead, decluttering is often a task that’s overlooked, but can help set us up for a successful new year. Get a fresh start with our 5 easy steps!

How to Maintain a Bedtime When You Travel with Kids

Travel is hard on everybody, but also incredibly rewarding. Go on a family vacation this year — WITHOUT walking through it in a sleep-deprived daze. Check out our tips for how to keep your kids on their sleep schedule while you travel.

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