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What We Can Learn from Pantone’s Color of 2018

Pantone’s electric 2018 color represents the underlying mysticism of nature’s gifts and what might be possible if we allow ourselves to let go, just a little bit, of our technologically-fueled lives.

Four Ways to Detox Your Home

Are you forever sneezing and itching? Your indoor air quality could be to blame. Learn more about what’s in your home’s air, and what you can do about it.

5 Sustainable Athletic Brands You Need to Know

If getting outside and making a difference are topping your list of goals for 2018, these five brands will help you do both, with functional design, bright and bold colors, and ethically and environmentally-minded practices.

How to Stay Well While You Travel

If you notice that you always tend to get sick either during, or directly following, a much-needed vacation, it’s no coincidence. With the right tools and planning, it’s possible to stay happy and healthy while you travel.

The Best Green Gifts for Men

For the man in your life who cares about the impact he makes, these gifts are sustainable, practical, and pretty darned swanky too.

What to Get Your Parents for Christmas

What do you buy for the people who have everything? This guide is full of practical suggestions that don’t depend on you being a mind reader to get them a great gift this holiday season.

DIY Pinecone Holiday Garland

This easy-to-make pinecone garland is a gorgeous way to add a touch of nature to your holiday decor while slowing down amid the hustle and bustle of the season.

The Best Green Gifts for Women

From sustainable materials to non-toxic ingredients, this list is full of some of the coolest green gifts out there that ladies of all kinds are bound to love.

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