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The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holiday Host or Hostess

Whether you’re staying with family on Christmas Eve or attending a Hanukkah party hosted by a friend or co-worker (or any other possible holiday event) it’s customary to bring along a small token of your appreciation for your host and/or hostess. But the question remains: what to bring?

How to Make a Holiday Simmer Pot

What if filling your home with the classic scent of the holidays — of spicy clove and ginger, warming orange and allspice, and exotic star anise and cinnamon — didn’t require an army of candles with potentially hazardous faux scents? Meet the simmer pot.

13 Eco-Friendly Companies to Shop this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to put some thought into your shopping list. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to be eco-minded and a thoughtful gift giver this season without compromising your values.

The Best Places to Shop on Small Business Saturday

 On Small Business Saturday, shoppers are encouraged to “Shop Small” by supporting the local and small businesses they love. We’ve rounded up a few ideas for planning out your local and small holiday shopping list.

DIY Dried Citrus Garland for the Holidays

Using a couple of fresh oranges, some baker’s twine, and a little patience during drying time, you can make a gorgeous citrus garland that not only looks stunning, but smells pretty incredible as well.

How To Host An Eco-Friendly Party

This holiday season, host a party with pizzazz and purpose with these tips. Check out our favorite sources for eco-friendly invitations, drinks, snacks, decor and ways to give back locally.

How to Nurture Your Creativity

It’s tempting — and quite easy — to write off creativity as a simple hobby, but it turns out creativity plays a far greater role in our lives than we give it credit for.

5 Places to Organize In Your Home to Support Calm

Try tidying these five areas in your home for maximum calming impact — each is one you likely interact with on a daily basis that could be affecting your wellbeing, be it physical or emotional.

How to Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Produce Bags

Ready to ditch the plastic produce bags? While there are plenty of ready-made options available for purchase, making your own reusable mesh produce bags is inexpensive, easy, and fun!

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