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Ideas for Living More Sustainability Right Now

Replacing your plastic habit with reusable options takes time, practice and may require an initial investment—be kind to yourself and remember that you’re helping the planet and saving money in the long run!

3 Spring Cleaning Rituals to Refresh Your Home

Spring cleaning isn’t just good for your mental wellbeing, spring cleaning—and seasonal cleaning in general—is key in keeping your space germ-and allergen-free, which can help keep you healthy year-round.

5 Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Cleaner Air

The only thing rivaling our affection for our houseplants? Our love for our pets. In fact, nurturing a houseplant is a great first step for someone curious about adopting an animal companion, but not quite sure about the commitment.

Celebrate the First Day of Spring — Green Juice Recipes

At long last, the first day of spring is finally here. After a cold and frigid winter, the earth is thawing, the sun is shining and the birds are singing their songs just a little bit louder. If there was ever something to celebrate – it’s this.

How to KonMari Without Throwing Everything Away

The new Netflix series based on Marie Kondo’s book has people running to their closets in droves to pile garbage bags at the curb. Get our lower-waste tips to “spark joy” without any environmental regrets.

How to Cultivate Love All Year Round

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and whether you welcome the excuse to be as lovey-dovey as possible or remain firmly in the camp of the dark-hearted, you have to admit: it is a solid reminder that love deserves to be celebrated — in all its forms. But why relegate that celebration to just one day a year?

8 Romantic Dates for Nature Lovers

If fancy restaurants bore you to tears, and you couldn’t care less about what’s playing at the movies, this Valentine’s Day date list is for you. Put on your hiking boots.

The Nomad’s Guide to Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids, for a lot of people, has become a laughable pastime and generally more trouble than it’s worth. But for a lot of parents, staying put postpartum just wasn’t an option, and they’ve done more than found a way to make it work — they’ve found a way to love it.

5 Podcasts for a Better You

If you think about it, January is the perfect time to make changes big and small in your life, whether you’re getting outside more and welcoming more activity into your life thanks to the cold, crisp and sunny January days or finally quitting that bad habit you’ve been meaning to quit with a support team of similarly resolution-oriented family and friends.

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