Fall asleep faster and wake up clearer with Loftie Lamp, a sunrise and sunset lamp that promotes less screen time and more dream time.

Light significantly influences our physical and mental well-being and sleep quality. Morning light, for example, is integral to maintaining the circadian rhythm, or our 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. When our internal clock is thrown off and we don’t sleep as well, it can increase the risk of everything from heart and kidney disease to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression. 

Meanwhile, artificial blue light — like that emitted from smartphones and tablets — too close to bedtime can hinder sleep by reducing the production of melatonin, a hormone the brain produces to help lull us off into slumber. 

However, not all artificial light has a negative effect. Light therapy boxes, for instance, are an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression common in the fall and winter when there’s less natural light. And gradual disappearance of light in the evening via a dimming lamp is associated with better quality sleep, while dawn simulators improve alertness upon waking.

That’s why we love the Loftie Lamp. Its distinct features — like color combinations inspired by stunning vistas from around the world — have made it an essential part of our wind-down and wake-up routines. Here’s a little more about what makes this lamp our new favorite bedroom staple for healthier sleep and happier mornings.  

loftie lamp on nightstand

Photo courtesy of Loftie.

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Sunrise Alarm

Waking up shouldn’t be alarming, and hitting snooze is shown to cause drowsiness, even when you’ve gotten the optimal amount of sleep. The Loftie Lamp’s Sunrise Alarm setting replicates a sunset’s soft, soothing, gradual light, so your body eases into wakefulness with the sun. Not only does this eliminate that jolting awake feeling, but dawn simulation is also shown to enhance cognitive performance, well-being, and mood and improve alertness and physical performance. 

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Sunset Wind Down 

Relaxing and turning off our brains after a stressful day is easier said than done. So let the Loftie Lamp do the work for you. Its Sunset Wind Down setting emits gentle light from the base of the lamp and emulates a sunset. This feature signals to your body that it’s time to rest, calming you from head to toe — simply close your eyes and drift off to dreamland. 


Calming Red Light 

This setting is perfect for when you’re getting ready for bed. Whether your Loftie Lamp is on your bedside table or dresser, switch it to the therapeutic red light mode to sync your environment to your internal clock and transition into sleep more naturally. Red light exposure signals the brain to start generating melatonin, so the body starts to mellow out before bed.

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Reading Mode

The Loftie Lamp is designed to illuminate from above, so it’s the perfect reading light for your bedside table. Leave your phone in another room on ‘do not disturb,’ slip under the sheets, use a wedge pillow for proper support, and get carried off to another world, at least until your eyelids get heavy. 


Change the Mood

The designers behind the Loftie Lamp know that, depending on where you are on the globe, sunrises and sunsets come in all different gorgeous hues — so they brought a few of their favorites to your bedroom. Choose tranquil light combinations that mirror those found in Bali, Joshua Tree, California, Santorini, Dubai, and Tulum, and enjoy sweet dreams and restorative rest. 

loftie lamp in reading mode and calming red light

Photo courtesy of Loftie.

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