Promote positive energy and get more restful sleep by arranging your room according to the basic principles of feng shui. 

Sleep is an important part of our mental and physical health. And getting enough of it is essential to staying alert and refreshed. But if your bedroom doesn’t have the right vibe, it can be hard to catch those much-needed zzz’s. The solution? Create a more peaceful sleep space by applying the balancing principles of feng shui. 

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art, with feng meaning “wind” and shui meaning “water.” And, according to its basic fundamentals, the bedroom is the most important part of your home. (No argument there!) The practice itself involves designing a room in a way where natural energy  — also known as qi or chi — will flow. 

Through color correction, proper furniture placement, and other feng shui practices, the hope is you’ll be able to improve your poor sleeping habits, along with your health and good fortune. Here are a few ways to feng shui your bedroom to increase positive energy and promote quality sleep. 

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Start With Your Bed

In feng shui, the most integral part of the bedroom is the bed. Which makes sense. It’s where you rest, and where your body is in the “yin” state and vulnerable to the energies around you. 

So start with positioning your bed a good distance from the door, where you’ll have a clear view of who enters. Make sure it’s lifted off the ground and include a headboard that will be solid and supportive while you sleep. Avoid sloped ceilings and include open space on both sides. This helps balance your yin and yang and enables the surrounding energy to circulate without any clutter. 

Softness and comfort are also vital elements of feng shui. If you haven’t already, adorn your bed with organic cotton sheets, which have a soft, silky feel while allowing a positive flow of chi throughout the room and bed. 


Organic Cotton Sheets

Add Mood-Enhancing Colors

Colors can affect our mood and habits. When choosing a color for your bedroom, think about your intention and the hues you love most. For peaceful sleep, warm, Earthy tones provide a cozy, comforting feel. Think coral, cream, or peach. If you’re going for a more tranquil vibe, lavender and lighter shades of blue and green can promote healing energy throughout your space. 

If you’re unsure where to start incorporating color, try adding a touch here and there. Infuse your space with artwork or throw pillows — we’re partial to our Mulberry silk pillowcases that come in white, pink, beige, or grey. 


Silk Pillowcase

Decorate in Twos

Balance is key when it comes to feng shui. When looking for furniture, try buying in pairs. You can arrange your bed with an equal amount of space on both sides. Incorporate décor, such as lamps or nightstands of the same kind on each side. This can increase harmonious energy in your life, and hopefully your dreams as well. 


Malibu Maple Wood Nightstand

What To Avoid

What you shouldn’t do when it comes to feng shui might be one of the most overlooked steps. Clutter is a major no-no, as it blocks positive energy from flowing throughout your room. So always make sure to declutter under your bed and around you. 

Keep your phone and TV out of the bedroom. Not only is it a basic rule of feng shui, it’s proven that technology impacts your ability to have a restful sleep. And although mirrors are encouraged in other parts of the house, avoid hanging them up in your bedroom. The reason? Mirrors can be overstimulating in energy, which, according to feng shui, can cause worry and the inability to close your eyes and refresh for the next day.

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