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What It Takes to Become a B Corp

An inside look into the rigorous process of becoming a B Corp — and how the certification is reshaping business in America to benefit all. It had been months of back and forth, scouring every line of our new 103 page, 82,000 word employee manual. The policies therein were an essential, but still small piece […]

How Climate Change Impacts Sleep

We sleep better when we sleep cool, but warming temperatures are keeping us up at night. And the consequences on our health are massive.

How Unsustainable Is Flying?

New tools make choosing the most fuel-efficient flight easy, but not flying at all is the only sustainable choice.

How to Be a Climate Activist

We can all be climate activists. We all need to be climate activists. Here are five steps to get started.

How To Be a Backyard Carbon Farmer

Healthy trees and soil can help capture carbon, but with climate change requiring global, systemic changes, the real reward is the impact of supporting a healthy community. I spend a lot of time thinking about trees. At my home, in Northern New Mexico, my wife and I often feel grateful that we have many — […]

The Businesses Championing Climate Change Legislation

LifestyleThe Businesses Championing Climate Change LegislationAvocado is proud to be a member of Ceres, an organization that uses its powerful networks to transform the economy to build a just and sustainable future for people and the planet. On May 12, six people logged on to a Zoom call. They represented an enormous commercial impact in […]

This Permaculture Garden Is Healing a Town

SustainabilityThis Permaculture Garden Is Healing a TownTewa Women United’s Healing Foods Oasis in Española, New Mexico, is a vehicle for mutual aid, environmental justice, and food sovereignty.  This month, we’re celebrating the heroes that embody this year’s Earth Day theme: Restore Our Earth. For our fourth article in the series, we’re spotlighting Tewa Women United. […]

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