It’s official, 2019 is just a little over a week away. Perhaps you’ve even started filling out your planner for the year ahead and have been thinking about the goals and accomplishments you hope to achieve in the next 365 days. Yes, the time to set your intentions for the new year is now, but instead of (or along with) the typical list of resolutions — vowing to work out more and finally learn to play guitar — why not make this year the year you make all those eco-friendly swaps you’ve been meaning to make?

With so much dire news coming out about the climate, even the smallest actions towards bettering our environment can make a huge impact. From switching out your produce bags to greening up your beauty bag, these swaps are simple, impactful, and easy to make for a better you and a better planet. Ready to make 2019 the greenest one yet? Read on:

#1 — Just say “no” to plastic produce bags

You’ve already made the switch from paper or plastic to reusable shopping bags, stashing a bag or two in your purse or backpack (or back pocket) for impromptu shopping trips and declining when offered a bag to take your items to-go. But what about the ubiquitous produce bag? Why do we so readily stuff those flimsy produce bags full of fresh fruits and veggies without questioning their negative impact? They may be thin, but those produce bags are plastic bags just the same — meaning they stick around just as long as a plastic shopping bag, about 1,000 years. It’s 2019, it’s time to make the switch to reusable produce bags once and for all. Good news though, making your own produce bags is incredibly easy and we have all the steps for making your own produce bags. Grab the supplies this weekend and get ready to change your grocery game for good.

#2 — Swear off single-use straws

By now, you’ve likely heard the buzz around the billions of plastic straws that make their way into the environment every year (and if you haven’t, read up on the issue here), drifting into our waterways and forests and lasting for thousands of years. If you’ve not yet stocked your kitchen and to-go bag with a reusable straw or two, why not stock up now so you’re never without something eco-friendly to sip with? While you’re at it, let’s make 2019 the year you finally remember your to-go coffee cup when you head to the cafe — no more paper cups and plastic lids littering your car… and the earth.

#3 — Green up your household cleaners

Still using conventional laundry detergent and household cleaning agents? Choose green this year for your health and the health of the environment by switching out conventional detergents and soaps for better-for-you home items from eco-friendly brands like Branch Basics, which swaps petrochemicals and toxins for body-loving essential oils and non-toxic cleaning agents. Ready to learn more? Read all about Branch Basics!

#4 — Get gorgeous the green way

While you’re greening up your household cleaning agents, why not take some time to peek into your makeup bag as well? Most conventional drugstore makeup is packed with petrochemicals, added fragrance and even animal products — a trifecta of ingredients (and them some) than not only wreaks havoc on your skin, but the earth as well. Instead of turning to the same old stuff when you run out of a product, or tossing it all and having to purchase all new, all at once, make a resolution to switch out your beauty products for cleaner, greener options when they run out. Need some inspiration? Check out a few of our favorite cleaner, greener beauty brands here.

#5 — Put your groceries to work

Activewear, sneakers, glasses, these days it seems there’s a 1 for 1 program offered by nearly every kind of company — so why not ensure your groceries are doing the most good? Sign up for a service like Thrive Market, Imperfect Produce or your local CSA to guarantee your weekly supply is giving back to the planet or your local community. You’ll save time by getting your good delivered while you help save the planet!

#6 — Green your sleep routine

Still sleeping on the same old conventional mattress? Green your sleep routine by investing in an eco-friendly organic mattress and pillow set to create a healthier and happier home by way of better rest. We all know sleep is important, but what you sleep on plays a huge role in the quality and quantity of the rest you’re getting — more than you probably realize! A great mattress is not only an investment in your sleep, but an investment in your overall health — and an eco-friendly mattress takes that one step further by bettering the environment, too.

What swaps are you making for 2019? Share your resolutions with us on social by tagging us on social with @AvocadoMattress and #AvocadoGreenMagazine

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