Hi, I’m Marilee Nelson, a Texas-based Environmental Consultant, Building Materials Specialist, and co-founder of Branch Basics truly safe cleaning products. Today I’m here to share some guidance on how to clean-up your laundry routine.

We all love the smell of a pleasing fragrance and throughout history, essential oils have been used for their aroma, but most were prized for their intrinsic health benefits! Today, synthetic fragrances made from petroleum products are used in the personal care and cleaning staples on our grocery shelves to make people, homes, and clothes smell good.

Unfortunately, this multi-billion dollar industry has an unintended consequence — instead of having health benefits like essential oils, synthetic fragrances have a dark side. Of all the products in your home, fragranced laundry detergents, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners are considered to be one of the most toxic.

8 Reasons to Ditch Health-Robbing Products

Here’s a starter list for eight toxic chemicals synthetic fragrance recipes may contain.


#1 — Toxic Petroleum Based Ingredients

Most of the synthetic chemicals used in fragranced laundry products are derived from toxic petrochemicals. These particular ingredients are known to cause cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders, asthma, and allergies.


#2 — Chemicals called Obesogens

Could your clothes be making you fat? They could if you are using fragranced laundry products. Synthetic fragrance recipes may have chemicals classified as obesogens that have been linked to changes in metabolic function that can lead to insulin resistance, resistant weight loss, weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. Most people who are trying to lose weight might think you were crazy if you told them to go on a fragrance free laundry diet, but one of the reasons obesity is skyrocketing in America has been linked to fragranced products.


#3 — Chemicals called Asthmagens

Could your child have asthma because of fragranced laundry products? Asthma is the #1 chronic health issue in American children.  Synthetic fragrance recipes may have chemicals classified as asthmagens that can trigger asthma. These seemingly pleasing scents contribute to poor indoor air quality and respiratory irritation such as asthmatic bronchitis, bronchitis, and COPD.


#4 — Chemicals that are Neurotoxic

Do you have brain fog, forgetfulness or a child with learning disabilities, hyperactivity and/or ADD (attention deficit disorder? Are you or anyone in your family irritable or depressed? Fragrance recipes may contain chemicals that damage the central nervous system, affect mood, cognitive ability, and brain function.


#5 — Chemicals that are Endocrine Disruptors

Could your menstrual cramps or fertility issues be related to your laundry products? Fragrance recipes may contain chemicals called endocrine disruptors which mimic estrogen, and are linked to infertility, early onset puberty, PMS, hormonal issues, and metabolic syndrome. It is estimated that 72% of products with the ingredient “fragrance” contain endocrine disruptors called phthalates that have been linked to diabetes, obesity, hormone disruption affecting fertility and development, liver and breast cancer.

#6 — Chemicals that are Carcinogenic

The VOCs you are breathing in all day long from your clothes are the same chemicals found to be emitted by dryer vents. Fragrance recipes may contain ingredients that can cause cancer.


#7 — Chemicals that are allergenic

Do you have skin irritation and allergic reactions? Chemicals in fragrance recipes may cause exacerbation of skin issues and other allergies. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that fragrance chemicals are considered to be among the top allergens in the world.


#8 — Chemicals that mask fragrances

Many products labeled as the “unscented” version of a brand are actually the fragranced product with the addition of masking chemicals.

You Have the Power!

Remove all laundry products from your home with synthetic fragrance and harmful chemicals. This will automatically improve your home’s air quality!

Don’t buy laundry products that are unscented versions of a fragranced version. Buy fragrance-free, non toxic products. Detoxify your fragranced clothes and bedding. Start with your pajamas and bedding.

Removal of fragrance from clothes may take a little time, consider buying new pajamas, organic sheets, and pillowcases. Note: It generally takes less time to out-gas new clothes and bedding than it does to remove fragrance chemicals from clothes.

Just changing to fragrance-free non toxic laundry products removes so many immune stressors, especially in your pajamas and bedding! The bottom line is the laundry products you choose are incredibly important because they impact the air quality around you and in your home, your health, others you come into contact with, and even the outdoor air around your house. Make the switch today and start your journey to a healthier home.




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