Household cleaners started out with the best of intentions. As bacteria-caused illnesses became evident in poorly sanitized environments, the dangers of things like salmonella and mold became real. In our rush to protect ourselves and our families from bacteria and mold though, did we go overboard?

Now science is suggesting that our constant state of sterilization is putting our families at necessary risk, harming the environment, and may actually be creating bacteria that are stronger and more resistant to these products.


Why Conventional Cleaners Aren’t Sustainable

From an environmental perspective, household cleaners are a chemical cocktail that Mother Nature wants nothing to do with. As we flush these chemicals down our sinks and toilets, they inevitably wind up finding their way back to the environment.

Many of the chemicals found in common household cleaners have been shown to be extremely harmful to marine life, toxic to plants, and downright unsafe to dispose of.

In addition to the risks of the products themselves, a massive amount of waste is created each year in the consumption of conventional cleaning products. If you have a weekly routine of washing your windows, a bottle of ammonia goes FAST, and every restock comes in a new plastic bottle.

You’re Putting WHAT on Your Countertops?!

More frustrating still, it turns out that a sterile environment actually isn’t ideal. While some forms of bacteria definitely have no place in your home, using disinfectants en masse could actually strengthen the bacteria while weakening your family’s defenses against them.

Additionally, ingredients like artificial fragrances in these products have been linked to endocrine system disruption and hormonal imbalances. Fumes caused by volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) can place incredible stress on your lungs (oven cleaner is legendary for its ability to take your breath away).

With so much potential for harm to children, pets, and adults, you have to wonder — is it all overkill? Is there a happy medium to keeping a clean house, without exposing everyone and the planet to noxious fumes and chemicals?

The Greener Clean — Branch Basics

Thankfully, the world is full of brilliant people who were wondering the same thing. Enter Branch Basics, an awesome line of cleaning products designed to take on the issues of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and safety, all in one bottle.

Their line of products keeps your house clean as a whistle from top to bottom. And the best part? They actually WORK.


Reversing Health Problems With Greener Clean — The Founders’ Stories

All of the research in the world sometimes isn’t compelling enough — actually SEEING the profound effects these changes make in people’s lives is truly remarkable.

Marilee’s Victory Over Dialysis

Marilee’s journey started when she began using food as medicine, and avoided not only dialysis, but a kidney transplant! Years later when her son became chemically sensitive due to pesticide exposure, she was able to eliminate THOSE problems too! Once she removed toxins from their home, his symptoms improved, and he went on to pursue a successful career in the Air Force.


Allison’s PCOS Miracle

When Allison suddenly started experiencing chronic pain and motor function breakdown, Marilee pointed to the recent renovations in her apartment as a possible source of toxicity. When Allison spent a summer living with Marilee in her clean, non-toxic home, her symptoms VANISHED. Allison went on to live symptom-free and give birth to a healthy baby girl — something doctors said would never be possible for her.


Kelly’s Realization That Discomfort Isn’t the Norm

We all live with a certain degree of discomfort it seems. But when Kelly became friends with Allison and started living a cleaner lifestyle, she was SHOCKED to see all of the common ailments she had come to accept as normal completely disappear. Headaches, menstrual cramps, itchy skin, dry eyes — it all went away when she cleaned up her eating and home!

Eco-Friendly, Natural Cleaning Products

Branch Basics is big on creating effective cleaning products, but not on compromising the safety of people and planet. All of their products are:

Plant and mineral based

Free of preservatives

Safe around kids


Not tested on animals



Even better, Branch Basics sells all of their cleaning products in concentrates, with the idea being — why waste gas on shipping water? Just buy a big bottle with one of their foaming spray nozzles, fill to the line with water, add your concentrate and shake. BOOM — you have cleaner.

Their concentrate tackles houses from top to bottom, with solutions for just about everything:



Wood floors



Kitchen & More!

We love companies that are moving and shaking to create change, but also create products that won’t have you missing that big jug of bleach. Give Branch Basics a try, and ditch the toxic cabinet full of chemicals.




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