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An Ode to Great Sleep

Too often, we take sleep for granted. But great sleep is one of life’s great pleasures.

7 Sleep Myths — Debunked

We spoke to sleep coach Kelly Murray about the most common misconceptions about sleep and why they can easily be debunked.

How Sleep Improves Heart Health

A restful night’s sleep impacts your mood, energy, and productivity — also associated with a healthy heart. Here’s why.

How Climate Change Impacts Sleep

We sleep better when we sleep cool, but warming temperatures are keeping us up at night. And the consequences on our health are massive.

The 7 Essential Types of Rest

According to Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, a board-certified internal medicine physician, we should be thinking about seven key areas of restoration.

When is it Time For a Sleep Study?

Sleep disorders affect millions of people. We spoke to two sleep specialists to find out if your sleep routine could be the problem and when it’s time for a sleep study.

How Sleep Affects Metabolic Health

Lack of sleep doesn’t just impact energy levels and productivity — it has a major effect on your overall well-being, too. So, we spoke to an expert to gain insight into how sleep affects metabolic health.

How Food and Alcohol Affect Sleep

Food and alcohol affect the quality of sleep. But small changes in your daily habits can help you doze off more easily and lessen your sleepless nights.

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