Here’s how to utilize every inch of a small bedroom while keeping clutter to a minimum and cozy vibes to a maximum.

Bedrooms may be for sleeping, but they should also be a place of peace, calm, and relaxation. However, if the space you’re working with is small, it can be hard to cultivate the openness and balance that’s conducive to relaxation and slumber

The good news is, with a little bit of planning, you can maximize your space, optimally organize your belongings, and design the ideal bedroom for snuggling up and drifting off.  

Here are 8 ways to make the most of a tiny bedroom. 

Select a Toned Down Palette

Dark colors are great for making a room feel cozy, but for small bedrooms, lighter hues will help make the area feel bigger than it is. You don’t have to stick with cream and beige though. Use naturals as a base, then add a colorful accent wall or unique wallpaper up to make the space your own. The key is staying with two to three colors to keep the aesthetic from getting bogged down. 

Invest in Underbed Storage

If your bed frame sits 6 inches or higher off the floor, utilize the area underneath for storage. Use underbed storage bags to stow away seasonal clothing like sweaters and jackets or items like t-shirts and extra bedding. Not only is this bed accessory easy to slide in and out, it keeps clutter at bay and clears out valuable space in your closet or dresser.

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Go Doorless

Doors can cut off and limit a space’s potential. If you’re lucky enough to have a large closet despite a small bedroom, take the door off the frame to showcase your wardrobe and invite a little more flow. Don’t have a large closet but live alone? Remove your bedroom door instead to instantly eliminate any cave-like vibes.

Add Texture to Your Bed 

Layers and texture are key to creating a dreamy bed spread that you want to equally show off and melt into. Once you’ve made your bed with pillows, sheets, and a comforter, add a bit of style. An organic cotton gauze blanket is perfect for all seasons and a few throw pillows introduce depth and coziness.

avocado organic cotton gauze collection

Photo courtesy of Avocado Green.

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Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors bounce light around a room, creating the illusion of space and tricking your mind into feeling less claustrophobic. If there’s an area of your bedroom that gets the most sunlight, hang a large mirror on that wall. It’ll reflect more light back into the room, and make it feel more open and airy. You can also add a mirror above the bed or small picture frame mirrors on a nightstand or dresser to keep the light moving around the room so it feels more spacious.

Choose Minimalist Furniture 

A bulky bed frame, nightstand, or dresser can totally muck up a tiny bedroom’s design. So when working with limited square footage, opt for furniture that has clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Lighter wood grains like blonde and beechwood also offer a sleek, elegant look while maintaining symmetry and openness. We recommend this City Bed Frame and its matching nightstand.

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Use Hanging Lights and Wall Sconces

Don’t waste precious surface area with a bedside table lamp or clutter the room with a floor lamp. Instead, mount a sconce on either side of your bed frame or over your nightstands. Sconces aren’t your thing? Choose a low-hanging dramatic light fixture for the bed.

Install Floating Shelves 

Take advantage of valuable wall space with floating shelves. Easy to install and perfect for storing knick knacks, candles, books, and plants, you’ll gain extra storage without crowding the room with a bookshelf or floor shelf. Plus, floating shelves offer the opportunity to get creative and add a decorative touch with how you arrange them.

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