Topic: Sustainability

Why I’m Obsessed With Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen protein powders have blown up BIG in the last year, and for lots of really good reasons. These proteins are incredibly easy to dissolve, disappearing completely into everything from a cold cup of green juice to a hot mug of bulletproof coffee.

Closing the Loop with Looptworks

By now, you’ve likely heard about the incredible amount of waste generated by the fashion industry. What if you could take that “trash” and turn it into something beautiful? The founders of Looptworks had the same thought.

This Natural Sunscreen Is Good Enough to Eat

Sunscreens are a necessary part of fun in the sun, but they can be full of ingredients that—ironically—are toxic to both people and planet. Manda is making a new kind of sunscreen, and we’re obsessed with it.

Feel Good About Printing Your Photos

Without looking, how many photos would you guess are on your phone right now? 1,000? 2,000? More? I just checked and there are precisely 14,944 photos on my phone at present. Why don’t we prioritize printing our photos anymore?

Supporting the Cultures We Wear

What if we could celebrate other cultures while supporting the people behind them? In this article, we take a look at the impacts of appropriation on an economic level, and spotlight one brand who has shown us what it means to truly respect people from another land.

How to Actually Remember Your Reusable Coffee Cup

We all know that disposable coffee cups are super, super unsustainable. In fact, Sixteen billion coffee cups are thrown away each year, and I’m not saying that to be a buzz kill. Meet Stojo.

The 411 On Red Light Therapy—Does It Work?

Is red light therapy the real deal, or just another anti-aging fad that doesn’t make a dent? The research is in, and the outlook is bright. And it’s benefits reach much further than just looking younger.

Why I Care About Sharks and You Should Too

Nobody wants to run into a shark in the ocean, but these marine predators serve a big purpose. What happens when they stop appearing in our neighborhood waters?

What’s Really in Your Water Bottle?

Do you carry a water bottle? Chances are, you do. With awareness of the impact we as individuals have on the environment is growing, it’s not uncommon to carry a water bottle with us beyond the gym or our running routine—maybe you even have more than one.

Clean Paint for Cleaner Air: Meet Clare

Interior paints can release a whole host of not so nice gases, so what’s a budding designer to do? We found a solution that’s clean, green, and delivers to your door.

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