If you have difficulty falling asleep at night, sleep supplements are a safe and effective way to get the rest you need. These are the brands we trust.

Sleep — or lack thereof — is a common topic of conversation among my friends. The majority of us struggle with catching those much-needed zzz’s, and we consistently swap new methods for hacking our way to better sleep. We’re not the only ones, either. 

A third, or 84 million Americans, have difficulty getting a good night’s rest, according to a 2022 survey by Gallup. Stress plays a big role, increasing restlessness by 96 percent. Your sleep environment has an impact, too. A cool, dark room is ideal, and sticking to a no screen-time policy an hour before you hit the hay will signal to your brain it’s time to calm down and relax. What you’re sleeping on also has a major influence on your ability to drift off. A temperature-regulating, breathable, supportive (and non-toxic!) mattress and pillow can make all the difference.      

Of course, there are also proven ways to prepare your body and mind for sleep — like getting up and moving or exercising 30 minutes per day, establishing a set pre-bedtime ritual, investing in a weighted blanket or noise machine, meditating, or taking a hot bath. But if you’ve tried all these techniques and still toss and turn at night, a sleep supplement might do the trick. 

Here are six supplements we recommend.  

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mindbodygreen sleep support+

mindbodygreen sleep support+Most sleep aids contain melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that helps control our sleep-wake cycle. Not mbg sleep support+. Available in pill form, the main ingredients are magnesium bisglycinate, a more absorbent form of the mineral known to relax the body and reduce stress; jujube, a fruit used in Traditional Chinese medicine for its calming and sedative effects; and PharmaGABA®, a neurotransmitter shown in clinical trials to enhance quality sleep. And you won’t have to worry about fillers, preservatives, or synthetic add-ins — every ingredient is non-GMO, gluten- and soy-free, and vegan. The best part? No drowsy mornings. 

goop Knock Me Out 

goop Knock Me OutThese soft chews had us at the chocolate mint flavor. In addition to the delightful taste, goop Knock Me Out chews include melatonin as well as L-Tryptophan and vitamin B6 to support the body’s natural production of the sleep hormone. Simply eat one to two before heading to bed and let the chews do the rest. 

MUD\WTR Evening Ritual

MUD\WTR Evening RitualOriginally known for its coffee alternative made of masala chai, mushrooms, and herbs, MUD\WTR has officially moved into the sleep space. The brand’s caffeine-free evening ritual marries USDA organic certified, American-grown adaptogenic mushrooms with rooibos chia, turmeric, cinnamon, and herbs like passionflower and valerian root for a smooth, soothing nighttime drink that promotes healthy sleep. All you have to do is add a scoop or two to hot water, blend, and catch some shuteye. 

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RAE Sleep

RAE SleepA steaming cup of chamomile tea is the ultimate end-of-day stress reliever, so RAE took the calming herb and added it to their sleep supplement, along with a dose of relaxing lemon balm, melatonin, magnesium, L-Theanine (another stress reducer), and hydroxytryptophan, which helps you fall asleep quicker. The result is a non-GMO, gluten-free sleep capsule designed to support your circadian rhythm and a peaceful mind and body.  

Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax

Gaia Herbs Sleep & RelaxGaia’s herbal sleep tea will allow you to forget life’s worries and get to snoozing in seconds. Made with calming, USDA certified organic ingredients like passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile, the plant-powered aromatic tea helps you drift off to dreamland the whole night. Brew a cup an hour before bed and prepare to wake up in the morning refreshed and rejuvenated. 

OLLY Sleep 

OLLY Sleep gummiesOLLY Sleep gummies are your new secret to restful sleep. Formulated with melatonin, L-Theanine, and a potent blend of botanical herbs, this sleep aid will put even the most restless mind at ease and enjoy a night of deep, quality sleep. The delicious blackberry zen flavor is an added bonus. Plus, unlike the majority of supplements on our list, you can find these gummies at most grocery stores.  

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