Clean water is essential for thriving humans, animals, and plants. Last month we chatted with American Rivers about the important work they are doing, and today we are turning the tables to talk about how we all can start making a difference in the health our rivers starting today.

The team at American Rivers works hard every day to protect and restore our nation’s rivers. But even with the commitment of their dedicated staff, they need your help too.

There are a number of very doable (and fun!) ways you can become active in protecting America’s rivers.

1. Become a member of American Rivers

With your donation, they can continue  powerful advocacy work towards restoring, protecting, and revitalizing rivers and their surrounding communities.

2. Join the National River Cleanup®

Get involved while getting your hands dirty! Volunteer for a river cleanup near you or organize your own river cleanup.

3. Conserve water at home

From simple actions like turning off your faucet while you brush your teeth to even more effective tasks like planting a rain garden to catch storm water runoff, there are many ways to conserve water at home.

4. Take the pledge

Ever see pieces of trash strewn across a sidewalk or spilling out of trash cans? That trash will likely end up in your river. Take the pledge to clean up 25 pieces of trash in 25 days.

5. Sign up for the newsletter

Keep up-to-date about American Rivers’ work and learn how you can get involved. Sign up for their monthly newsletter and timely action alerts to stay current on the latest issues where you can make a difference.

6. Join #5000 Miles of Wild

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, American Rivers is collecting 5,000 river stories from people like you, and protecting 5000 more miles of Wild & Scenic rivers. Share your story!

7. Follow American Rivers

American Rivers is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AND YouTube! Follow them to get updates, share your photos and stories, and spread the word about protecting rivers with others.

Who will join us in taking one of these actions today? Continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #VerdantDreams or by tagging @AvocadoMattress and @AmericanRivers.

Photo credits: (1) Alex Funk (2) Scott Bosse (3) Denise Hoffert-Hay (4) Sinjin Eberle

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