We use 27,000 trees per day in bathrooms all over the globe. Twenty. Seven. THOUSAND per day.

And that’s insane, considering that bidets are a thing, and trees produce oxygen. What gives humanity—whose idea was this? Toilet paper consumes a massive amount of trees to produce, and something has gotta give.

The reality is that everyone deserves to walk around with clean bums, but they also deserve to walk around trees and breathe clean air. Thankfully, there’s a brand that’s showing us how to do both!


TP That Doesn’t Cut Down Trees: Meet Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap isn’t this writer’s disdainful lament to our disgusting predicament, it’s a toilet paper company—and they’re fixing this crap.

Their toilet paper is made from 100% recycled trees, which means that not a SINGLE TREE is processed to make it. It contains no inks or dyes, gets shipped right to your door, and comes wrapped in more tree-friendly paper, not plastic.

Did someone say WINNING?!



Providing Sanitary Access to Toilets

Because they’re so awesome, Who Gives a Crap didn’t stop at just making eco-friendly toilet paper. They also build toilets in underdeveloped countries and donate 50% of their profits to other organizations with a focus on sanitation and waste.

It’s something we take for granted in the US, but in other countries, not having a sanitary waste system has led to disease and epidemics that are responsible for killing 800 children per day. Diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation quality have spread in countries to some of the most vulnerable in the populations. 



Profit for Purpose

Outside of their philanthropic work and environmentally friendly toilet paper, Who Gives a Crap has also pledged to reinvest the other 50% of their profits into growing their company. 

Why does it matter?

Because Who Gives a Crap knows that they can’t have a big impact unless they’re hugely successful. More profits, more products, more customers, and more toilets built and lives saved.

And that’s purposeful profit we can get behind.


Have you ever tried Who Gives a Crap’s toilet paper? We want to hear your funniest bathroom sagas! Share with us on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag us: @AvocadoMattress & @WhogivesacrapTP

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