When America pulled out of the global climate initiative in 2015, the world was in uproar. Many felt the leadership of the country has betrayed the values of the people in it. Amid cries against the move though, a quiet movement began to build momentum.

Proving once again that the people have the power to choose anything, an organization pulled together leaders in business and government from around the United States to stand behind the values they believe will give the earth a fighting chance.


We Are Still In


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In 2017, leadership from around the country began stepping forward to take part in one simple initiative: to step into their roles as stewards of this planet and take a stand against environmental destruction.

It’s not a political party, it’s not even a political movement — it’s a group of people who have collectively decided that it’s time to stop waiting for the American government to do the right thing.

With 2,700 strong and influential leaders backing the organization’s initiatives, these leaders speak on behalf of their followers, employees, and constituents, which make up over half of the population of the US. Their might is fierce, and their financial moxie stands at a combined $6.2 trillion.

The only players beating the economic impact of this group of powerhouses at the table are the US and China.

With executive leadership involved from massive companies and organizations in the US like Mars, McDonald’s, Walmart, and Microsoft, the We Are Still In movement has the numbers to back it up: America still supports the Paris Climate Agreement.

What It All Means

This group is more than just a financial and clout based powerhouse, it’s a sign to the governments of the world (and our OWN country for that matter) that the planet does matter to us, and that the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is not reflective of how a large portion of the country feels about the matter.

Business leaders, members of government, church, and community all step forward as part of this movement and sign the We Are Still In declaration:

“We, the undersigned mayors, county executives, governors, tribal leaders, college and university leaders, businesses, faith groups, cultural institutions, healthcare organizations, and investors are joining forces for the first time to declare that we will continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement.”


Avocado is In

So did we sign? Of course we did.

We’re taking action on Climate Change and fully embrace the We Are Still In movement in support of the Paris Climate Agreement. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting what we can’t. So we’ve calculated and offset our carbon footprint for our 175,000 sq. ft. factory in Los Angeles AND offset one full year of product shipments.

We are also supporting CarbonFund to offset reforestation projects. We’ve offset more than 1,525 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). According to the EPA calculator, that’s equivalent to 3,488 barrels of crude oil consumed (i.e., burned). By supporting reforestation projects, we’re doing what we can to help sequester carbon and minimize our environmental impact.




Are you with us? Follow @WeAreStillIn on Instagram to get the latest news on the program’s newest organizational additions.


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