We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of people with horrified expressions pulling off too-dry charcoal masks and gleefully scrubbing their teeth with charcoal, but does it work? What’s with the hype? I talked to the founder of Cocos Organics to learn more about why it works as well as it does, and what made her decide to make this black goop her passion.

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What Is Activated Charcoal Though — Really?

Activated charcoal is basically a superfine, super pure version of charcoal that’s been engineered to have as many teeny tiny, highly porous grains in it as possible. This ultra-fine powder is more powerful even than bentonite clay at absorption and historically has been used in hospitals and ERs to absorb poisons related to excessive alcohol and drug use.

Why It’s So Powerful for Pores

The charcoal mask videos on YouTube are enough to make anyone crack a smile, and one thing’s for sure — they prove charcoal masks don’t mess around.

Activated charcoal is a POWERFUL way to drag toxins and pore-cloggers out of your skin, and the masks result in radiant skin that just won’t quit. This Black Magic Face Mask by Cocos Organics is made from 100% natural ingredients, and comes in a glass jar!

In addition to its pore-cleaning superpowers, charcoal works magic on stained teeth by absorbing plaque and teeny tiny nasties that cause stains. Even better, it can help prevent cavities and gingivitis, thanks to its pH balancing properties.


Other Powerful Uses for Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is a highly effective, powerful supplement that people use for a variety of ailments, aside from enlarged pores.


Natural Gas and Bloating Remedy

Because of its stellar absorption, activated charcoal works to combat gas and bloating by absorbing positively charged materials in your gut, and helping them pass through your digestive system.

Hangover Prevention

Long used as a poison control measure, many people use activated charcoal capsules as a hangover prevention method. Though it’s not ideal because it won’t absorb the alcohol itself, it will bind with other toxins in your body contributing to your hangover. It’s also been shown to reduce blood alcohol concentrations.


Water Filtration

Activated charcoal is commonly used in water filters because of its ability to bind with impurities, and is highly effective in everything from fish tanks to water pitchers.


Detoxing and Cleansing

Whether you’re detoxing because of an unhealthy diet or a recent round of medications, charcoal is great at helping your body rid itself of things that could be bogging down your system. Use caution with cleansing programs though — oftentimes, there are unpleasant side effects you have to get through post-cleanse.


Body Odor

Though activated charcoal is hardly an ingredient you want in your deodorant, when taken internally, it’s great for preventing body odor before it starts!


Skin Irritation and Infections

Activated charcoal is touted by many to be effective at treating inflammation, minor topic skin infections, and even bug bites!



The toxins we ingest in our food and through touching contaminated materials actually contribute to the aging process. Since it’s so great at binding with nasties, activated charcoal also works to combat signs of aging!


High Cholesterol

Studies have shown that taking activated charcoal capsules daily is incredibly effective at preventing high cholesterol. In one study, cholesterol in patients was decreased by up to 41% on three times a day charcoal regimen, with negligible side effects.

An Interview with the Charcoal Queen: Meet Coco

Cocos Organics is a company selling clean health and beauty products in sustainable packaging, and I just had to meet the owner.

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Coco started Coco’s Organics after she had cleaned up her eating, only to find that the ingredients in even the “cleanest” cosmetics and beauty products were cutting corners.

“I started looking at the products I was using, and I couldn’t pronounce anything in them. Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed in about 20 seconds and not filtered by your liver. I’d find some product I liked with great ingredients, and then it would come in plastic packaging.”

Frustrated by her options, Coco took matters into her own hands, and start whipping up skin concoctions in her garage laboratory.

“I started mixing up some of my first scrubs for my roommates and family, and then it really started taking off. I spent a lot of time researching and formulating different products. Most of what I made at that time was specifically formulated for a family member or friend’s problem.”

As her product line grew, she launched her online store, and the reviews started pouring in — this stuff really works.

“It started as a hobby for my friends and family, but the goal was always to raise the standard of skincare.”

Now, with products ranging from her highly effective tooth polish to her skin scrub, Coco is proudly selling homemade health and beauty products in sustainable packaging. Made in small batches at extremely low temperatures designed to make the ingredients most effective, customers rave about the whitening power of her tooth polish, and the incredible smells that come free of charge.

Coco’s goal is to continue to build and expand her product line. For now, every product is still handmade by Coco herself. She hopes to build on her vision, without once having to compromise her values on real ingredients and truly eco-friendly packaging.

Ready to whiten your smile? Try some of Coco’s activated charcoal tooth polish, and browse the rest of her products to support this ambitious businesswoman who’s determined to change the beauty biz, one jar at a time!

Coco has generously extended an offer to our readers for 15% off your purchase using the code: IMCOCOFORAVOCADOMATTRESS. Plus, check Avocado Green and Cocos Organics out on Instagram for a dreamy giveaway.



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