2023 Avocado Impact Report
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Easy DIY Vegetable, Beef, and Chicken Stock Recipes

Reduce waste, save money, and enjoy healthier, more flavorful stock by making your own at home with our easy DIY vegetable, chicken, and beef recipes. Sure, store-bought stock is convenient, but it’s so easy and so much more flavorful to DIY vegetable, beef, and chicken stock. Here’s why making your stock matters and how to […]

A Guide to Flour Substitutes

Oat, almond, spelt, and more — we’re breaking down the most popular flour substitutes and how they compare to their all-purpose counterparts. My mom always tried to make her recipes a little healthier by sneaking in alternative ingredients. This meant flaxseeds in our pancakes and almond flour and coconut sugar in her cookies. I loved […]

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