Have you had the chance to visit the beautiful landscapes of Colorado? If you haven’t, you might be feeling inspired to book a plane ticket to the Gunnison Valley after reading on about our June giving partner. This beloved part of Colorado is home to untouched wilderness, dozens of wildlife species, and some of the friendliest communities.

As most of our avid readers already know, we are proud members of 1% for the Planet —which means we are committed to giving back a portion of all corporate revenues to environmental organizations that are on a mission to help save and preserve our magnificent planet. For this month, we decided to choose a hyper-local nonprofit to really be able to make an impact on local businesses and thriving communities.

Our new friends at 1% for Open Space are working with local businesses to preserve and maintain open spaces in this valley. Through locally-raised funds, they have helped preserve over 10,000 acres of land! Some of their past projects include providing funding to help preserve Trampe Ranch which spans the entire Gunnison Valley—covering over 30 miles of landscape terrain and serving as the habitat for elk, mule, deer, black bears, mountain lions, and a wide variety of birds.

“In 2010, 1% for Open Space granted the Town of Crested Butte $110,000 for the acquisition of the second phase of the Kochevar Parcel. Phase I and Phase II which were completed in 2011, protected 383 acres of land adjacent to National Forest, next to Meridian Lake and above Nicholson Lake on Smith Hill. This protected open space is visible from nearly every corner of town. The property had been under contract by a developer who wished to build high-end resort homes overlooking the Slate River and the town of Crested Butte. Luckily for us, the timing of the stagnant real estate market and the slow economy in 2010 made it hard for the developer’s project to be financially feasible and the contract fell through. The Town of Crested Butte, the Trust for Public Land, the Crested Butte Land Trust, Great Outdoors Colorado and of course, 1% for Open Space, stepped up to take advantage of preserving this open space.”

Molly Susla, the director of this non-profit explains, “Our Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities for networking, Business After Hours, Networking Nights, Highlighting businesses each month to its members, and through these opportunities I am able to connect with local businesses. I also try to go to public meetings, committee meetings, town council meetings on any topics related to open space because then I run into other interested parties and am able to determine who believes land conservation is important. It’s then easier to make connections and involve new (local) businesses when you have a read on their priorities.” 

They are currently funded by community-owned yoga studios, local book stores, photo studios, botanical soap shops, cafes and more! If you’re planning a visit, remember to run with the locals and pop in to check out some of their partners.


We see them as a leader in this hyper-local movement and are honored to support their mission to preserve and maintain the natural landscape through prioritizing the protection of our watersheds, ecosystems, wildlife habitat, ranching lands, uninterrupted viewsheds, recreational access, and rural lifestyles.

Which nonprofit organizations do you value? Share with us on social by tagging us @AvocadoMattress or using #AvocadoGreenGiving, we’d love to support their mission!

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