It’s an unfortunate reality that the planet is feeling the weight of the fashion industry. Since most athletic fabrics are made from petroleum-based fibers, the process is incredibly energy intensive, and tough on the environment.

As fashion retailers look at alternative methods of making these lightweight, breathable materials in a more eco-friendly way, one store is leading the way with some of the softest, most fashionable yogawear we’ve ever seen — prAna.


Why We Love Them

When it comes to what they make their clothes out of and how they make them, PrAna doesn’t compromise, and kinda love that about them.

Their clothes are stylish and comfortable, sure, but how they make them and what they make them out of are what makes PrAna unlike any other yoga clothing retailer on the market.

Sustainable Materials


Organic Cotton

By using organic cotton in their line, PrAna is increasing the demand for a more sustainable alternative to conventionally farmed cotton that uses no pesticides and much less water. The result? Insanely soft clothes that protect local water supplies and will never put you in contact with toxins.


Recycled Wool

Wool is incredible for warmth, durability, and even bacteria resistance, but best of all is that it’s recyclable. There’s plenty of wool already in circulation to go around, so PrAna recycles it to make their warmest, coziest products.



Hemp is still illegal to grow in the US, so PrAna grows theirs in China, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. The result is a fast growing crop that is easy on the soil and incredibly resistant to drought.


Recycled Polyester

A product of petroleum, polyester is a major energy consuming fiber to produce. Luckily, there’s more than enough to recycle in the world already, so that’s exactly what PrAna does. Using post consumer plastic and polyester, they reuse these materials to create a line of earth-friendly fibers that are perfect for athletic clothing.


Responsible Down

The Responsible Down Certification means that none of PrAna’s down is harvested with live pluckings or force feedings, and that the birds are treated humanely from start to finish.


bluesignⓇ Partner

In an effort to prevent the environmental impacts caused by fabric dyes, PrAna partnered with bluesignⓇ. These standards include a restricted substances list that keeps toxic additives out of your clothes, and waterways.


Companies like PrAna are using the fair-trade certification to ensure that employees are not taken advantage of in their factories. This certification ensures that employees receive fair treatment, that they’re paid a living wage, and that working conditions are safe.


Protecting Forests

Fabrics like Rayon, Modal, and Lyocell use wood fibers, so PrAna decided to partner with Canopy to ensure that these fibers only came from sustainable, renewable sources. When forests are managed responsibly, we get supple, beautiful fabrics without the devastation.


Reducing Waste

PrAna has taken it upon themselves to reduce the amount of waste winding up in landfills as a result of single-use packing materials. As of right now, 79% of their products travel without polybags.


Traceability and Transparency

We love it when companies are honest and thorough, and that’s exactly what PrAna does with their focus on making each and every part of their production process traceable, right down to the farms their cotton comes from.

Product Review

I reached out to PrAna about trying some of their gorgeous stuff, and they were nice enough to send me a couple of things. Being that I’m about 15 weeks pregnant, I opted for things that would accommodate my growing belly.

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The Cadwell Sweater Dress

The Fabric

First of all, holy WOW, the fabric of this dress was sooo soft and comfortable. Guys, if weather permits, DEFINITELY wear this dress over your bare legs, because it feels amazing.

The fabric of this dress isn’t entirely organic — 54% organic cotton and 11% recycled polyester, with the remainder being acrylic and spandex — so that was kind of a bummer. Overall though, I think it contributed a lot to the way this garment laid across all of my curves, and the incredible feel of it.

Prana Cadwell Dress Destiny

The Fit

Okay, so normally I cringe a bit with sweater dresses that aren’t super thin, because I figure I’m a curvy girl, and it’s only going to add to my bulk. That said, this one fits AMAZING — no extra bulky feel, despite being thick and warm, and a fit that hugs all the right places.

At 5’8”, I tend to make shorter dresses look like tunics, but this is one I can actually get away with wearing without leggings. It’s just short enough to be sexy, and just long enough to not offer everyone a free show. The cut of the skirt is actually shorter on the sides and longer in the front and back, offering a really nice look for your legs, without exposing too much.

Also a win were the sleeves, which were long enough to cover half of the tops of my hands. I LOVE that cozy bundled in a sweater feeling, and that totally sealed the deal for me.

The only thing that was a little weird about this one was a slight pucker around the neckline — for some reason I had a really hard time getting it to lay flush against my shoulders. There’s a ribbon inside meant for hanging the dress that goes across the back of the shoulders, and when I cut that it seemed to loosen the tension and help a bit, but there was still a bit of a collar effect.


Overall Impression

Honestly, even with the funky collar and the less than perfect makeup of the fabric, this dress is just too good to say no to. It’s comfortable, flattering, easy to clean, and hey, over half of it is made from organic cotton, which made me feel really good about wearing it.



The Waterfall Tank

Prana Tank Sustainable Yogawear

The Fabric

This top has a really sturdy, VERY nice built in strappy sports bra with it. The outer white fabric is thin and drapey, making it great for sweatin’ it out over a yoga mat, while the sports bra fabric is thick with built-in removable cups.

It’s all made from recycled polyester, which I love, and it’s incredibly breathable without being completely see through.

Prana Tank Yogawear

The Fit

Even with my growing belly, this shirt had the nice effect of offering enough coverage to be really flattering with a pair of leggings. The back is longer than the front and drapes down loosely below the bra, offering a really cute peekaboo effect.

Unlike a lot of strappy shirts, this one is really easy to get into, and the straps are so flat and soft that they’re really comfortable, while still offering support. I don’t work out much, but this is officially my go-to shirt for comfort and cuteness (because who really changes out of their workout clothes anyway?).

Prana Tank Back Yogawear

Overall Impression

In a house with a toddler, this white shirt is super coveted. It’s soft, breathable, looks really cute and sharp under a cardigan, but then functions like a BOSS during a workout. It’s easy to wash, and those straps? Crazy sexy.



PrAna Wins the Day

This impressive company is making practical and sustainable garments that are gorgeous, comfortable, and taking the bland out of organic fashion. Their packaging is INCREDIBLY sustainable and earth friendly, and it feels incredible to wear something made by a company sourcing their materials so ethically.



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