Turns out working from home is pretty awesome. So how do you keep the dream alive after quarantine? Here’s how to keep the conversation going with your boss.

As the world slowly begins to open back up for business, many of us are excited about putting on pants and rejoining our office compadres again. But for others, the question remains: Does working from home really have to end?

It turns out, working from home is pretty green, and in some cases more productive than an office environment. Estimates are that if even just half of the current workforce telecommuted, it would cut emissions by 54 million metric tons/year, and oil consumption by a whopping 640 million barrels. It also greatly increases quality of life.

Though there are arguably setbacks when it comes to remote workers, the data remains solid: working remotely is often healthier and more productive — and better for the planet. 

Here’s how to start talking to your boss about making remote working a permanent thing.


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Show Your Boss It Increases Productivity

Working from home, despite my kids’ best efforts, is more productive and less disruptive than the conventional office space.

According to Harvard Business Review, working from home makes teams more effective, saving costs on both work spaces and worker hours. Show the data to your boss, and make a case for higher productivity and lower costs for full or partially remote teams.

Talk About the Environmental Benefits

There’s a lot of greenwashing out there. But the environmental benefits of remote work are real, and if your boss is serious about reducing their footprint, this could be the best case to make to keep working from home.

In addition to needing less space to house employees, remote workers will use fewer company resources, produce less waste, and consume less water and electricity while working from home.


Make Your Case With Software Tools for Remote Teams

You want to know a secret?

I’ve been writing for Avocado Green Mattress from home for three years.

The thing is, it’s 2020, and working from home while staying connected is not that hard. There are phones, and there is email, and there are tons of brilliant digital workspaces you can use to stay in touch and organized.

I prefer Basecamp for team collaboration and project management. There are tools like Hubstaff that enable you to track your hours and monitor your work with screenshots and Slack enables seamless, regular communication.


Tell Them to Hire a Remote Team Manager

It’s a big transition to go from working in an office to managing a remote team. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many companies were caught off guard, and what ensued was more than a little bit of chaos.

Luckily, virtual assistants and online business managers can help with the cat-herding, ensuring your team stays online and accountable, while also making the transition easier for you.

Look for Your Own Remote Side Hustle

If you make all of these great points and your boss still doesn’t want to let you work remotely, it may be time to look for your own work from home hustle. Tons of major corporations and awesome companies let their teams work from home every day.

Maybe it’s time to look for a company that better supports your needs. Or maybe it’s time to finally start your own business. Just remember that you have the agency to define the way you spend your days. 


What did you think about working from home? Was it amazing, or a struggle for you? Tell us about your experience on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us in the post! @AvocadoMattress

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