Dayquil is tempting, but these natural remedies will make you feel better AND help you kick your cold faster.

This time of year, most households go through cyclical sick spells. One kid brings it home from school, and the next thing you know parental units are dropping like flies. It happens. It’s going to happen. But the worst thing you can do is have to figure out how to treat it while you’re battling a fever and blowing your nose every 12 seconds.

These natural remedies don’t just mask the symptoms of the cold and flu like most medications — they help your body fight it off (without doing all of the work for your immune system). I spoke with Andrea Beaman, author of The Whole Truth, and asked her for recommendations on what to do when you feel the funk coming on.


#1 — Rest As Much As You Can

First and foremost, Andrea says it’s important to resist the temptation to just power through a flu.

“Grab a good book, rent movies, and spend as much time as you can, resting and sleeping to rejuvenate and heal your bodily systems. There is nothing more important for you to do when you have the flu then just take the time to do nothing.”

Call in sick if you can. Take as many days as possible to lay up and do absolutely nothing.  If you have kids, feed them (obviously) and take care of them, but call in some help from friends and family. Let the house get messy for a week. Screw the walks and play dates, put on some Peppa Pig and curl up with a book.

#2 — Hydrate (seriously)

Look, it may sound like the lamest advice ever when you’re breathing through your mouth, but your body needs water to function at its best. When you’re dehydrated, your bodily functions aren’t performing at their peak of efficiency, which means it’s going to take you even longer to feel better.

“As the body heats up to kill the virus (fever), it also loses vital fluids. It’s imperative, while you are healing from the flu, keep your system well hydrated.”

#3 — Take Boneset for Aches and Pains

If body aches are creeping in and making you feel like death, try taking some boneset to ease the pain. Boneset helps to break a fever by making you sweat it out, so be prepared to wash your sheets afterward. 

“This herb was traditionally used for flu (and colds) to relieve the pain that creeps down into the bones from fever.”


#4 — Make Some Mulled Cider

Andrea swears by a mulled cider she brews to fight the flu. Chock full of herbs and spices that fight bacteria and strengthen your immune system, it’s perfect for fall and easy to sip on with some raw honey added in.


#5 — Eat Light

It’s tough to eat anyway when you’re sick, and Andrea says that’s okay. Digestion is an energy-consuming process, and your body is already working overtime. Instead of setting up camp on the couch with a bag of Cheetos, opt for lighter fare, like bone broth and soups.

“During this time of extreme lethargy, it’s imperative to eat lightly (soups, stocks, healing broths) and rest. If you expend your energy digesting heavy meals, you’ll divert energy away from the healing process.”

#6 — Get a Massage to Fight the Last of the Flu Off

Believe it or not, getting a massage when you’re sick is a great idea. Your lymphatic system is your body’s detox system, and when you get sick, it works extra hard.

All of that filtering and detoxing can overwhelm your lymphatic system and cause you to hang onto sickness longer than you should. By getting a massage, you actually stimulate those systems and get them moving again, helping your body to release those toxins that are keeping you feeling crummy.

“By supporting the water element (kidneys) in your body, you will naturally support the immune system and the lymphatic system as well.”

Get a massage, and then drink a ton of water afterward to help flush your system out.


What are your favorite natural remedies for a cold? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram what works for you, and tag us in the post! @AvocadoMattress and #AvocadoGreenMagazine!

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