Many of the day to day symptoms we’ve all grown accustomed to just being a part of life find their roots in sugar and caffeine saturated diets. The result is a lack of energy, foggy brains, and generally just being crabby and hard to be around.

The natural foods and supplement world has exploded with tons of new options for everyone from keto fitness buffs to crunchy paleo moms. There’s no shortage of supplements and powders, and superfoods have become a catchall cure for everything from inflammation to irritability.

These ultra-nutrient-dense foods pack more than just a nutritional punch with natural formulations that work together to produce incredible results over their conventional processed cousins.

Why Your Brain Feels Foggy

If it feels like your brain needs a 60-minute warmup every day before work, you’re not alone. Due to a combination of too much sugar, vitamin deficiencies, and a chronic lack of sleep, most people cycle from one task to the next much more slowly than they should be.

Stress is also a contributing factor to brain fog. When your brain is overwhelmed, sometimes the neurological response is to numb out and think less. It’s a stress management tool in your psyche’s arsenal, but it’s not the most productive state of mind to be in.

Why You Crash in the Afternoons

If you’re crashing into a slump by mid afternoon each day, chances are you need to eat a more balanced breakfast and integrate some exercise in (I know, I know).

It’s true though, and skipping out the door on an empty stomach is no better than wolfing down a bowl of cereal. Breakfast should consist of a healthy mix of protein and carbs, and if you have time, sneak a 20-minute cardio session in.

Why You Get SO Grumpy

Mornings are everything people — if you start the day feeling overwhelmed on an empty stomach with no sleep and no exercise, YOU’RE GONNA GET GRUMPY.

Low blood sugar can make even the most docile among us hangry as all get-out, so don’t skip the breakfast.

Get all the sleep.

Take time to clear your mind.

Get happy, lovelies.

Superfoods Could Be Your Game Changer

It was these three top symptoms that first clued me into superfoods. Superfoods contain a super dense concentration of nutrients and pack some serious health benefits. Most of them are plant-based, but there are a couple derived from dairy and fish products as well.

Depending on what types of superfoods you work into your diet, you could see benefits ranging from clearer skin to a better mood. If sleep is a constant battle and you’re never going to make time to fry an egg, superfoods make it easier to integrate more wholesome nutrition into your diet.

Meet Your Super

Your Super is an online superfoods store specializing in ultra-clean superfood blends, targeted and combined for specific health benefits.

The founder Kristel was inspired to start the company following her boyfriend’s diagnosis with cancer at age 24. Inspired to help him heal his immune system, she began experimenting, combining her love for real foods with powerful nutritional science.

For the Brain Fog

The Power Matcha



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Feeling tired? Can’t focus this Monday? Try stirring in the Power Matcha mix in some warm almond milk… And see the magic unfold ✨ any matcha lovers here!? 🙈

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Ingredients: Matcha* (Japan), Moringa* (Tanzania), Maca* (Peru), Wheatgrass* (Germany) and Barleygrass* (Germany) Powder. *Organic Certified

Matcha is a type of green tea that turns on your brain and gets it firing on all cylinders for the day without the typical jitter of caffeine. In this formula from Your Super, you’ll get a heavy dose of antioxidants and energizing vitamins like Potassium and Folate.

For the Energy Slump

The Energy Bomb

Ingredients: Acai* (Brazil), Guarana* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru), Lucuma* (Peru) and Banana* (Ecuador) Powder. *Organic Certified

Need to pull through the afternoon slump? Try combining the Energy Bomb with the Power Matcha for focused energy that outlasts any cup of coffee. Energy Bomb is loaded with antioxidants and jitter-free caffeine, but it’s also high in vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, E, C, Iron, and Niacin.

For a Better Mood

Chocolate Lover Mix



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Anyone else craving hot warm creamy oatmeal these winter days!? 🙈 Stirring Chocolaye Lover and Muscle Power in there is my fav 😋 #yoursuperfoods

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Ingredients: Cacao* (Peru), Carob* (Peru), Shredded Coconut* (Sri Lanka), Chia Seeds* (Bolivia) and Lucuma* (Peru) Powder. *Organic Certified

It’s just science: chocolate has been clinically proven to boost your mood, and sugar cravings have been clinically proven to crash it.

In addition to it putting a little more pep in your step, the Chocolate Lover Mix scratches the sweet tooth itch without dumping a ton of insulin-spiking, mood-crashing sugar into your system.

What are your favorite superfoods, and how do you eat them? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in the post! @AvocadoMattress and @YourSuperfoods

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