Perhaps more than any other time of year, winter beckons us to turn inward. The days darken, the weather cools. Snow flurries outside our windows, and cozy blankets and pillows call to us, signaling it’s time to hibernate… at least for a little while. The counter to summer’s unwavering energy, winter invites us to renew and reset, letting our bodies get the rest they need to maintain optimal well-being, a key factor in maintaining immunity and health during the chilly days of winter, when our systems are often taxed and vulnerable to sniffles and sneezes.

Along with a supportive, non-toxic organic mattress and comfortable bedding, a sleep-promoting DIY pillow spray can help you drift off to dreamland that much faster and keep you sleeping sound all night long. While there are plenty of pre-made pillow and linen sprays available, making your own is not only incredibly easy, but allows you to customize the scent to suit your needs using essential oils and all-natural ingredients.

Benefits of essential oils

Though they may seem relatively new thanks to the recent rise in their popularity, essential oils have actually been used for over 5,000 years in traditional healing and medicine. Essential oils are potent extracts distilled directly from plants – specifically from bark, roots, petals, and seeds – to create a highly concentrated oil. Along with their gorgeous scent, each oil is thought to possess its own unique healing properties. The oils used in the spray shown below include grounding lavender, texas cedarwood and Roman chamomile.



There’s a reason lavender is so often used to scent bath products, lotions and healing salves. Lavender essential oil supports elevated mood and relaxation, promoting restfulness and a good night’s sleep. It could even aid in healing cuts, scrapes and burns.


Texas Cedarwood

Earthy cedarwood is believed to be antispasmodic, meaning it could help with respiratory conditions, restless leg syndrome, and other conditions along with helping to support full-body relaxation and restfulness.


Roman Chamomile

If you’ve ever sipped a mug of warm chamomile tea, you know how soothing this herb can be. Roman chamomile essential oil works similarly, helping to reduce anxiety and prepare you for a calm night ahead.


Alone, these oils are powerful relaxation-enhancers, and when paired together they create a calming experience to help you fall asleep faster. Mixing up your own pillow spray takes less than five minutes. Make a bottle for yourself, then make a few more to gift to family and friends. Sweet dreams!

DIY Pillow Spray



Lavender essential oil

Roman chamomile essential oil

Texas cedarwood essential oil

Organic witch hazel

Small glass spray bottle


Step 1

Uncap the spray bottle. Add about 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the spray bottle. The great thing about essential oils – and creating your own oil blends – is that the end result is entirely up to you! Add as much or as little of these scents as you wish!


Step 2

Add about 5 drops texas cedarwood essential oil to the glass spray bottle.


Step 3

Next, add about 5 drops Roman chamomile essential oil to the glass spray bottle.


Step 4

Once you’ve added all the oils, fill the glass spray bottle the rest of the way with witch hazel and screw on the cap. Witch hazel works similarly to rubbing alcohol, helping to make the scents last longer and keeping the solution from spoiling. Distilled water may also be used, but the scent may not be as potent and could eventually spoil.


How to Use

Shake well before spraying. Spritz on pillows, linens and blankets before bedtime to help promote a cozy, restful and relaxing night’s sleep.


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