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Topic: Product Review

Meet the Makers Series: What We Make

Furniture is one of those categories that seems to avoid the type of environmental scrutiny other areas of our homes receive. Your best bet? Reclaimed wood.

Protecting Our Water with Cora Ball

What started as an ocean waste research project has evolved into a tiny device that removes microfibers from washing machine waste water — meet Cora Ball. It’s an easy solution to reduce microfiber shedding that we can all get behind.

This is the FinalStraw: How One Clever Company Is Ending Straw Waste

Roughly 500 million plastic straws get thrown away every single day. They’re not recyclable and are so lightweight, they often blow out of garbage trucks and dumpsters, right into our planet’s ecosystems. FinalStraw is the solution because this problem shouldn’t be a problem.

The Perfect Cup with Pacific Crest Coffee

We all know chain shops leave much to be desired, and when we’re out of our element in different parts of the world, we can’t fall back on old favorites – where’s your corner coffee shop when you need it? What would you do for the perfect cup of coffee?

Minimalist Goods Built For Life (And From Recycled Materials)

With a passion for sustainability and durability, Flowfold, now going into their 10th year, focuses on crafting lightweight, highly functional goods – from leashes to backpacks – that will sustain over time, so you don’t have to think about buying another pack two years in.

This Sustainable Outerwear Brand Is KILLING IT

Most organic clothing lines are missing a decent winter jacket, and for good reason. One brand has been at the forefront of that change, with an eco-friendly outerwear line that’s snow-ready, consciously designed, and totally transparent about what they want to do next.

Why I’m Obsessed With Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen protein powders have blown up BIG in the last year, and for lots of really good reasons. These proteins are incredibly easy to dissolve, disappearing completely into everything from a cold cup of green juice to a hot mug of bulletproof coffee.

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