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Topic: Product Review

Minimalist Goods Built For Life (And From Recycled Materials)

With a passion for sustainability and durability, Flowfold, now going into their 10th year, focuses on crafting lightweight, highly functional goods – from leashes to backpacks – that will sustain over time, so you don’t have to think about buying another pack two years in.

Coffee With A Cause, Meet Kula Project

Women-owned businesses that help create opportunities and support families. Read about our journey with Kula: Part Two. We’ll be taking part in their September Coffee Day Campaign to help raise funds to support 100,000 coffee trees.

Why We Love Electric Assist​ Bikes

Electric assist bikes give you the option to get a workout, and the freedom to say, “Nahhh, pass”. These bikes are powerful, but we found a few that are just PERFECT for beginners. Get back on a bike and feel like a kid again!

Make Friends With Guppyfriend

We’ve all seen the images. Tragic, heartrending photos of sea birds and fish, whales and turtles affected by plastic pollution. The ocean is polluted by approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic debris every year.

This Company Is Making Shoes Out of Algae

Algae makes a mean smoothie, but it can also smother ecosystems and poison freshwater supplies. Thankfully, somebody’s doing something about it — making shoes.

4 Planet Warriors You Need to Follow for Women’s History Month

These brave women have stood up to naysayers, took courageous stands against industries much larger than themselves, and have come face-to-face with governments who’d rather turn away than ensure a safe and stable future for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Protecting National Parks During the Government Shutdown

In the wake of the ongoing government shutdown, despite limited park staff in place to man gates and maintain the safety of both the grounds and visitors, more than half of America’s national parks remain open to the public.

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