Topic: Product Review

These Sunglasses Are Made from Recycled Fishnet

Abandoned fishing gear floats for decades through the world’s oceans, capturing victims long after they’ve been lost at sea. One sunglasses company is reclaiming them to repurpose into cool, recycled sunglasses.

5 Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Brands to Know

Ready to join us in committing to sun safety everyday? These five suncreen brands will convince you that suncare doesn’t have to come with a warning label for you or the environment.

How to Green Your Cleaning Routine

Everyone likes a clean kitchen, but oven cleaner? Bleach? Thankfully, there’s a safer way to keep things spotless — and it comes in a refillable container.

12 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Companies for Pets

In honor of National Pet Lovers Day, we’re showing off some of the best sustainable pet companies the internet has to offer. From beds to biscuits, these companies have eco-friendly options Fido will love.

The Earth-Friendly Audio Company Challenging Tech

Electronics and sustainable materials seldom go hand in hand, but one music gear company is changing all of that. House of Marley gets green, and drops a 15% discount — just for our readers.

The Best Green Gifts for Kids

Who says the holidays has to be a pile of plastic regrets? These gifts are sustainable and made by companies who believe kids can have it all — without compromising the planet.

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