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Topic: Politics + Advocacy

The Truth About Greenwashing

From supporting compostable packaging or reading about solar powered facilities, as conscious consumers, we must always stay informed on a brand’s practices and materials to avoid Greenwashing. No brand is perfect, but improvement is essential for our health and planet.

This is the FinalStraw: How One Clever Company Is Ending Straw Waste

Roughly 500 million plastic straws get thrown away every single day. They’re not recyclable and are so lightweight, they often blow out of garbage trucks and dumpsters, right into our planet’s ecosystems. FinalStraw is the solution because this problem shouldn’t be a problem.

Five Ways We Changed the World Together in 2019

We’re proud to acknowledge our 2019 philanthropic highlights — and of the work each of the 12 nonprofits we donated to in 2019 accomplished. We also know we’re just getting started – our Giving Program has become as fundamental to Avocado’s mission as mattresses.

Floating Farms Could Prevent the Impending Food Shortage

The world is running out of farmable lands. As the planet’s population continues to increase, the need to find creative and sustainable ways to produce more food is more urgent than ever. GreenWave is pioneering a solution that could change everything.

5 Influencers Tackling Sustainability, One Post at a Time

Once a place for everyone’s “highlight reel”, social media and blogs have transformed from personal journals to leaders of the #Resistance and now lead the forefront of climate and sustainability activism.

A Day with Heal the Bay: Our October Giving Partner

We caught up Dr. Shelley Luce, the President and CEO of Heal the Bay to chat about their impact and how our community can get connected to join their mission. Follow along to learn what you can do to help keep our precious waters clean.

A New Life for Plastic Bags – As Sleeping Mats

We use about 160,000 bags per second, adding up to about five trillion bags per year. And only about 1% of those bags are actually recycled. What if there was a way to turn thousands of those bags into something that would benefit people in need in your community?

Make Friends With Guppyfriend

We’ve all seen the images. Tragic, heartrending photos of sea birds and fish, whales and turtles affected by plastic pollution. The ocean is polluted by approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic debris every year.

Why I Care About Sharks and You Should Too

Nobody wants to run into a shark in the ocean, but these marine predators serve a big purpose. What happens when they stop appearing in our neighborhood waters?

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