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Overcoming Fear to Live the Life You Always Wanted

When what you want is so far outside of your comfort zone that it scares you, fear can keep you stuck for decades. I spoke with life coach motivational speaker Sandra Possing to to learn more about why it’s so hard to change our circumstances — and how to break the cycle.

5 Natural Ways to Better Your Oral Health

With the onset of cold and snowy weather, we’re willing to guess that supporting your immune system – and avoiding the latest office bug – is top of mind right now. The good news is, there are plenty of completely natural ways to support better oral health and in turn, your overall health!

The Case for Sleeping Naked, Even in Winter

Most people DON’T sleep naked, but this writer wants to know, why wouldn’t you? Science backs it up: sleeping naked is actually good for you. Read on to learn more about why it’s time to stop buying pajamas and invest in a good robe instead.

5 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and Anxiety

With the holidays not far off and everyday life what it is, it’s safe to say that even the calmest among us experience feelings of stress from time to time. If you’re nodding your head yes, here are our best practices.

What You Don’t Know About Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system holds the keys to the immune system kingdom. Treat yours right, and you unlock all kinds of efficiency in your body’s systems. Use it and abuse it, and you could be dealing with all kinds of random symptoms that cramp your style.

Make Your Fall Bucket List

While we may not be 100% ready to put the long, lazy days of summer behind us, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t thrilled by thoughts of apple picking, vibrant foliage and sweater weather. What is it about fall that can be so energizing?

How to Live Like it’s Summer All Year ‘Round

Can you feel it? The air just a touch chillier in the mornings, darkness is falling faster, there’s a breeze that tells you a new season is not far off. Fall is just around the corner and you’re either thrilled or mourning the loss of summer.

How to Nurture Your Creativity

Think back to when you were young. Creativity likely came easy to you, crayons a regular occurrence, along with bits of paper, finger painting, plenty of movement and more. At which point was it dictated that our hobbies had to become our side hustles?

Easy Ways to Eat Less Meat

We’ve all heard an earful in recent years of the benefits of a plant-based diet. From supporting better health to supporting a more sustainable ecosystem, cutting back on meat has been shown to have a wealth of benefits.

Zero Waste Toothpaste Is HERE—Meet Bite

If you could stop throwing toothpaste tubes away every month, would you give toothpaste tablets a shot? This writer tried them for a few weeks — here’s her take on this new zero waste toothpaste sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

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