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Why You Might Need A Digital Detox

If you can relate to feeling tech-addicted or you’re feeling the strain of your smartphone elsewhere — such as your neck, back, or hand from too much use — it could be time for a digital detox.

The Best Cooling Pajamas for People Who Sleep Hot

Whether you live in a warm climate or you’re just really prone to sweating in your sleep, you can still sleep comfortably cool with the right pajamas. Get to know our favorite materials and some of our favorite brands right now.

8 Unexpected Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Apple cider vinegar has been deemed a household staple worthy of its own acronym in naturalist circles. ACV has been dubbed a must-have for just about everything, ranging from digestive health, immune system function, beauty, and cleaning.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic massage technique that is gaining popularity in health circles. Learn the benefits, precautions, and how to give it a try.

A Workout that Leaves You Feeling Energized, Not Destroyed

Barre3 is captivating clients around the country with its incredible results, but the real appeal to this fitness program is its ability to meet you wherever you are. We chatted with Master Trainer Sara Catherine to get a behind-the-scenes look.

Mindfulness for Busy People

Turns out, for those of us living lives that can, at times, feel frenzied, mindfulness — or purposefully focusing your attention on the present moment — is a necessity and may even play a key role in health, happiness and wellbeing.

Could  You be Misusing Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a powerful medicinal and household ingredient with great benefits, but misuse can be incredibly dangerous. Learn more about what to watch out for in this guide.

All Your Questions About CBD Oil Answered

CBD oil is all anyone’s talking about in natural health, but what exactly is it? How does it work? Is it safe? Is it legal? Will you get high? We explore all these questions and more.

Yoga Nidra: What is Sleep Yoga?

By now, most of us are already familiar with the benefits of meditation, but sleep meditation? Yoga nidra is an age-old practice that’s experiencing a rebirth in our overworked and over-stressed culture.

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