Topic: Health + Wellness

Yoga Nidra: What is Sleep Yoga?

By now, most of us are already familiar with the benefits of meditation, but sleep meditation? Yoga nidra is an age-old practice that’s experiencing a rebirth in our overworked and over-stressed culture.

Are you Getting Enough Sun Exposure?

We’ve all heard the warnings about getting too much sun exposure, but what happens when you get too little? It turns out the health effects are pretty concerning.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Spring Fitness Routine

Ready to launch into a spring fitness routine? Take advantage of the new season’s fresh air and gorgeous scenery to boost your mood, productivity, and mental clarity with these five tips.

Four Natural Deodorants that Actually Work

When smelling good isn’t worth the ingredients list, it’s time to turn to natural deodorant alternatives. Meet the brands shaking things up with natural ingredients (and great smells).

Are You Napping the Right Way?

Napping the right way can increase productivity, happiness, and mental clarity. Get our tips for how to make the most of your mid-day siesta.

3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Meditation Into Your Day

If you’ve tried meditation in the past and failed, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But meditation can indeed be simple, and regular meditation could have an enormous impact on overall well-being.

How to Hydrate From the Inside Out

Hydrate from the inside out with our tips on how to build new habits into your daily routine that keep your metabolism humming and your skin vibrant.

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