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Topic: Health + Wellness

Essential Stay at Home Cures for Anxiety

You have every right to feel overwhelmed. Anxiety is a part of you, but it doesn’t have to define you. Take these tips to heart, and the next time you find yourself in an anxiety attack, try one out for yourself.

Turns Out Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer Is Really Easy

Making hand sanitizer from ingredients found in your bathroom cabinet preserves needed resources for our health care institutions and workers. All you need is three simple ingredients. Here is our DIY recipe and don’t forget to moisturize.

Get Fit With Minimal Equipment

Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, mental acuity, mood, or overall wellness, the importance of incorporating some type of fitness into our daily lives can’t be denied.

Tips for an Anxiety-Free Bedtime

For nearly 50% of Americans, getting the quality recommended eight hours of sleep we need every night isn’t a simple equation. Our busy lives during the day lead to stress and anxiety that sometimes carries over to bedtime. Change up your routine with our easy tips to get on the path to better rest.

Do You Need a Sugar Detox?

Sugar does more than just bulk up your waistline. This sneaky food additive is in pretty much anything in a package, and has been linked to everything from mental health problems to an increased risk for disease. Are you consuming too much?

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