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Topic: Fashion + Beauty

The Brand Raising the Bar For Beauty Products

The clean beauty industry in the U.S. has exploded over the past several years. But few companies are committing to the level of organic certification found at Vermont-based Ogee in its luxury skincare line.

How to Shop For Spring Styles Sustainably

Buying all-new all the time has major environmental consequences. Introducing no-new-anything spring with our sustainable fashion tips and favorite ethical brands. Hint: There’s even a website you can count on to find brands you can trust.

7 Sustainable Beauty Brands to Know

Trusting skincare and makeup brands can get a little messy but we have got you covered. From simple ingredients to sustainable practices, here are our favorite beauty brands.

4 Green Alternatives to Dry Cleaning

Most of us know that dry cleaning isn’t great for the environment, but it’s also pretty terrible for our own health as well. But if your clothes or bedding is labeled as ‘Dry Clean Only’, what are the remaining options?

Zero Waste Living — Why We Love Shampoo Bars

You wash your body with a bar, why not your hair? Shampoo bars get your hair clean and smelling great, and completely eliminate a plastic waste stream. AND, they’re for all hair types. Read on, we’re sharing our favorites!

Why Cotton is THE Thing You Should Always Buy Organic

You buy organic produce, but what about organic cotton? For a lot of people, it might feel over the top. But, as it turns out, your body absorbs a lot that it comes into contact with, so let’s examine the impact of not buying organic.

This Sustainable Outerwear Brand Is KILLING IT

Most organic clothing lines are missing a decent winter jacket, and for good reason. One brand has been at the forefront of that change, with an eco-friendly outerwear line that’s snow-ready, consciously designed, and totally transparent about what they want to do next.

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