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Topic: Fashion + Beauty

4 Green Alternatives to Dry Cleaning

Most of us know that dry cleaning isn’t great for the environment, but it’s also pretty terrible for our own health as well. But if your clothes or bedding is labeled as ‘Dry Clean Only’, what are the remaining options?

Zero Waste Living — Why We Love Shampoo Bars

You wash your body with a bar, why not your hair? Shampoo bars get your hair clean and smelling great, and completely eliminate a plastic waste stream. AND, they’re for all hair types. Read on, we’re sharing our favorites!

Why Cotton is THE Thing You Should Always Buy Organic

You buy organic produce, but what about organic cotton? For a lot of people, it might feel over the top. But, as it turns out, your body absorbs a lot that it comes into contact with, so let’s examine the impact of not buying organic.

This Sustainable Outerwear Brand Is KILLING IT

Most organic clothing lines are missing a decent winter jacket, and for good reason. One brand has been at the forefront of that change, with an eco-friendly outerwear line that’s snow-ready, consciously designed, and totally transparent about what they want to do next.

5 Secondhand Sites to Shop Now (And Why You Should)

Gone are the days of driving to your local picked-over thrift store or consignment shop where you might be lucky to find one piece from several seasons ago, now, consumers simply open an app and search for the piece they’re looking for—and they’re likely to find it.

Are Clothing Rental Companies the New Black?

Like a lot of things in our modern lives, renting your clothing is much more complicated than simply purchasing a subscription and instantly gaining access to the season’s most stand-out styles and key trends.

5 Natural Ways to Soothe Sunburned Skin

Why should you give your skin some love post-burn? Besides providing some comfort during a very uncomfortable time, by caring for your burn, you can support faster healing and lessen some of the damage done.

My New Favorite Natural Perfume: Meet Skylar

I had given up on perfumes because of the migraines and the overwhelming fragrances. I loved it, and it broke my heart to leave those pretty bottles behind. Until Skylar pulled me back in.

Plant-Based Beauty with Seed Phytonutrients

These days, you could say the plant-based and non-toxic beauty industry is, well, blooming. Keeping your skin and body glowing with nature-based ingredients is easier than ever.

Top Sustainable Fashion Picks for Summer

The first day of summer is just 21 short days away – but if you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down for months now, looking forward to lazy days at the beach, long bike rides, ice cream and of course, breezy summer fashion.

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