This centuries-old beauty routine is more than an easy way to buff away dead skin cells. Here are all the reasons dry brushing is the key to glowing, beautiful skin.

Every glow-seeking beauty enthusiast knows the importance of exfoliation in a healthy skincare routine. So when it comes to head-to-toe exfoliation, it’s no wonder wellness queens like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow have lauded the benefits of dry brushing — also known as body brushing — to hit “restart” on their skin, inside and out. 

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: A beauty ritual performed by massaging a dry brush made with natural bristles in circular, upward motions over your body. The technique has its roots in Ayurvedic traditions, where it’s been used for centuries. In Sanskrit, dry brushing is known as garshana, which literally translates to mean “friction by rubbing.” Intrigued? Here are all the benefits:

Promotes Exfoliation

Dry brushes are usually made from zero-waste materials, like a wooden handle and natural fibers such as cactus bristles that are equal parts rough and flexible. Since the technique isn’t done with any oils or products that dampen skin, the abrasion of the bristles pretty quickly sloughs away dead skin cells. After exfoliating with a dry brush, your skin will feel smoother and be better primed to absorb lotions or other moisturizers, like Avocado’s Grounding Dry Body Oil

That said, the practice isn’t for everyone. Those with skin conditions like psoriasis should steer clear of vigorous dry brushing and try using a softer alternative like a silicone brush, especially on sensitive areas. Even those with tougher skin should only dry brush once or twice a week. 

woman dry brushing in bed

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Increases Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Although the science behind dry brushing is still nascent, the simple motion of dry brushing — always in circular motions or upward toward the heart — is said to help increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Since your blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your organs, especially your heart, brain, and kidneys, having good blood circulation keeps all your vitals in check. As the brush bristles stimulate and open up your pores, they can also help your body sweat out negative toxins. 

Energizing Self-care

In Ayurvedic medicine, dry brushing is typically recommended for those who are feeling sluggish, mentally dull, or otherwise fatigued. The reason? If you can get over the initially-rough feeling, dry brushing can mirror the same satisfying pressure of a Swedish massage that wakes up your body and provides a jolt of energy. 

And because the friction of a dry brush helps to break up any bloat, a lot of people have turned to dry brushing as simply a feel-good wellness routine. Detox away!

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