From coast to coast, Avocados rallied to do their part and help their communities for National CleanUp Day. Here’s what they learned.

At Avocado Green Brands, we consistently aim to do what’s right for our communities and for our planet. As our co-founder Jay Decker puts it, “We consider ourselves an environmental platform that just happens to make great organic mattresses and bedding products.”

Due to Covid-19, our traditional volunteer program was put on hold, so our team joined forces separately (or at least socially distanced and safely) to create a month-long, nationwide cleanup. Here are our amazing Avocados in Action sharing a little about picking up trash in their community.


Dana Campbell, Brand Experience

“I used my volunteer hours to pick up trash around my neighborhood on a hiking trail called Devils Sandbox Canyon near Normal Heights, San Diego. My boyfriend and I found mostly plastic bottles and cups, glass containers, wrappers, and some Styrofoam (my sustainable nightmare). It was so easy to pick up trash as we enjoyed the trail and the experience had us thinking that we should bring a trash bag every time we go hiking! After we finished the trail, an older neighbor thanked us for cleaning up the canyon! It felt good to get outside, see the difference we were making, and help our own community. I’m so happy I could take the opportunity to do this!”

Dana Campbell, Brand Experience Team (La Jolla)


Bernardita Ruiz, Customer Experience

“I’m so thankful we were able to do this! It was lots of hard work but definitely worth it!”


Bri Decker, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Manager

“I’m so grateful that we were able to take time to go take care of the lake! The volume of single-use plastics, Styrofoam, and tennis balls that we found was startling and disheartening, but it felt good to leave our community looking better. We had so much fun last week that we’re going out again this Friday to continue the job. There was too much for us to carry in one go!”


Josefina Ruiz, Customer Experience

“I have always understood that we must take care of our home, but it wasn’t until my coworker Bri suggested that we go clean up the lake near her house that I realized how badly we need to take action! I’m grateful for Avocado giving us the opportunity to go clean up and fulfill our mission as a company. We are actually going back again to continue cleaning up. As many others have said, I’ll be keeping trash bags in my purse to pick up any trash I see on a daily basis from now on!”

Georgia Team (from left): Ashley Booker, Customer Experience Representative; Bernardita Ruiz, Customer Experience Representative; Josefina Ruiz, Customer Experience Representative; Bri Decker, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Manager


Laura Scott, Brand Social Strategist

“I’m always picking up trash on my local trails, so it felt really special to do this alongside my team (even though we were far apart) and to see how much trash we picked up collectively. Knowing other Avocados were out there doing the same thing really made it feel like we had an impact!” 


Tingleska Hallum, Customer Experience

“I’m definitely taking a bag with me every time I go out for a hike from now on!”


Kris Karuna, VP of Business Development

“Seeing how much trash is on our beaches was very overwhelming at first and really woke me up to the urgent need to take care of our planet. The best part for me was when a few kids and their parents who were out enjoying the beach thanked me for cleaning up. It reminded me that although the amount of trash on the beach was overwhelming and I couldn’t get it all, my actions that day encouraged others to do better, too. That has an exponential impact. It felt great to take care of the only home we have.”


Ck Ong, Area Manager

“Seeing and being part of engagement from coast-to-coast really does feel special! I’m so proud and sentimental being on this team.”

LA team (from left): Albert Aleman, Digital Marketing Manager; Kris Karuna, VP of Business Development; CK Ong, Area Manager; Steve Minx, CTO; and Greg Kendall, UX, Design, and Development.


We’re proud of our team for the passion they bring to their work and for the passion they bring to our communities and planet. Imagine if everyone picked up just one piece of trash when they stepped outside.


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