Is there anything better than the feeling you get at the beginning of summer? April showers are (hopefully) gone, May flowers have bloomed and perfumed the air with their intoxicating scent, and winter is but a distant memory (Snow? What snow?).

Summer stretches out before us full of hope and the hope for relaxation – but we all know the season can pass in the blink of an eye, too. While we highly recommend taking the season at as leisurely a pace as possible, we’re also all too familiar with the blink-and-you-miss-it quality that these warmer days tend to have. Instead of squandering your summer Fridays and weekends too, make the most of the season by starting it off with a bang: make the first day of summer one you’ll never forget. Here’s how:

Make your summer bucket list

You know how it goes: One day, it’s the first day of summer, and the next it’s the first day of school. Summer has a tendency to flash by in the blink of an eye and while we might start out the season with the best of intentions to do it all, see it all, and experience everything in between, often our schedules get in the way. Instead of keeping a mental list, sit down and write out everything you hope to do this summer. Then prioritize and schedule it in your calendar. Road trips and day trips, hikes, paddling and more, write them all into your calendar, and don’t forget to leave yourself some time to relax, too. With the right mindset and a clear game plan for what you want to accomplish and what’s important, you’ll be able to look back on summer memories knowing you made the most of it.

Try something new

Think back to your early days at summer camp… remember learning how to paddle a canoe? Or making a fun arts & crafts project for the first time? When was the last time you actually tried something new for a change… and actually allowed yourself to be, well, perhaps a little bad at it? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, or go rock climbing, or finally put that passion for sailboats into practice. Instead of saying someday for yet another summer season and scaring yourself off at the premise of looking a little foolish, why not use the first day of summer to kick yourself into gear? While you’re making you summer bucket list, add in a few things you’d like to try for the first time. Not only will you be stretching out of your comfort zone a bit, but if you have little ones at home, you’ll be setting a good example by showing them that adults can be lifelong learners, too.

Jump into a body of water

Salt water… fresh water… brackish or chlorinated… it doesn’t matter what kind of water, just find some and jump in. Too early you say? Too cold? Be brave, keep your cozy towel close at hand, and (safely of course) dive in anyway. Give your blody a good old shock to the system and celebrate summer the way it was meant to be celebrated: with wild abandon. If you live in a state with four distinct seasons, you know how precious and fleeting summer weather can be. One minute it’s 80 and sunny and the next there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Make the most of the sunniest time of year and go swimming – better yet, find a rope swing and relive those childhood memories. That freezing cold water could even be good for you: many cold water swimmers swear by the mental and physical benefits of submerging themselves in chilly water, and some believe it could even speed up recovery post-injury.

Watch the sunrise

Our idea of the perfect way to welcome summer? Pack up a picnic breakfast the night before, set your alarm for just before sunrise (this site can help you figure out how to calculate sunrise or sunset in your city or town), and make a plan to welcome the best season bright and early by watching the sun rise. Make it a day trip by hiking to a local peak or heading to the shore with your family or friends and bring your bucket lists along with you to read at the top. Sharing your hope for the season ahead could help solidify your plans – and who knows, you might find a buddy to go sailing with while you’re at it!

How are you celebrating the beginning of summer? Share with us on social by tagging us @AvocadoMattress and #AvocadoGreenMagazine!

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