It’s Here: Toad & Co Spring Sneak Peek

Feb. 22, 2019Toad&Co is one of the most sustainable clothing lines out there, and their new spring collection takes it a step even further. With a line that’s 100% sustainably manufactured and a spring catalogue full of new styles, it’s time to start refreshing your wardrobe.

There are a lot of really great clothing brands out there that are making big changes in the way they manufacture their lines. But Toad&Co? Prepare to meet one of the most sustainable clothing lines out there with some of the largest selections you’ll see from a brand this green.

Why Sustainable Fashion Is a Big Deal

Sustainable fashion has been making headlines more and more lately, which is awesome because it’s kind of a big deal. The fashion industry is the fourth biggest polluter on the planet. From the textile farming to the processing of the fibers and the MASSIVE amount of waste clothing production creates, it’s no wonder brands (and buyers) are saying enough is enough.

Fast fashion is an endless cycle of buy, donate, throw away, repeat that keeps 75 million women and children in poverty and creates 14 million tons of waste every year in discarded clothing alone. According to the EPA, 84% of unwanted clothing in the US went straight into the landfill.

But the times are changing, and brands like Toad&Co are waking consumers up to better options and the realization that less clothing of better quality is way better anyway.

Toad&Co’s Insanely Cool Ethos

Here at Avocado Green Magazine, we’ve featured a LOT of cool brands doing some really great things in sustainable living, but Toad&Co might be the best option we’ve seen yet for eco-friendly fashion.

Adventure-ready clothes that look great and go from trails to tavern without skipping a stitch, Toad&Co’s line is comfortable, practical, and effortlessly fashionable.

But what’s REALLY cool about this brand is their 100% commitment to planet and people.

“Launching in February 2019, Toad&Co’s Spring 2019 season marks 100% sustainability for the first time in the brand’s history, and we couldn’t be more excited.” — Toad&Co Spokesperson

Their Materials

Toad&Co has always used some really great, eco-friendly fibers like hemp and organic cotton, but their line has gotten even more diverse as they’ve ramped up their eco-friendly efforts. All of Toad&Co’s clothes now contain at least 80% sustainable fibers, many of which are recycled.


Their Manufacturing

This past year, Toad&Co reduced their CO2 emissions by a whopping 51 tons simply by integrating more materials that require less processing to manufacture. Fibers like hemp and organic cotton use significantly less water, both to grow and to process, and have helped the company slash their environmental impacts.

Their Packaging

According to Toad&Co, about 165 BILLION packages are shipped in the US every year — yikes. So they decided to do something about it.

When you order something from Toad&Co, you get an option at checkout to receive your order in a reusable shipper along with a return shipping label. It’s trackable, and it’ll last for about 2,000 shipments — buh-bye, boxes.

Recycling Old Clothes

More and more brands are stepping up to do this, and I LOVE it. Toad&Co’s Renewal Workshop takes old clothes and fabrics and turns them into new clothes and upcycled textiles. This zero waste system is highly sophisticated and even collects information on what it’s processing, so they’re brand partners know what’s available and in what quantities.

Toad&Co is changing the way fashion is produced, and now it’s time to change the way it’s purchased. Browse their spring collection, and put the money you spend on clothes to a source with greater purpose.


Our Top Picks for Spring


Women’s Styles:

Women’s Tara Hemp Jumpsuit

Women’s Sunhemp Quilted Jacket

Women’s Touchstone Camp Pant

Women’s Debug Flextime Skinny Pant


Men’s Styles:

Men’s Highroad Shirtjac

Men’s Midfield Hemp Polo

Men’s 5 Pocket Mission Ridge Lean Pant

Men’s Lounge-Out Hemp Short





Destiny Hagest

By Destiny Hagest

 —  Destiny is a freelance writer with a background in sustainability and natural health. She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son. When she's not writing or chasing her toddler, you can find her wandering the quiet wilderness in search of wild herbs and antler sheds.

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