Sunlight is really, really good for you. In our article on how sunlight can be super beneficial, we talked about how it’s an essential part of human metabolic processes.



And I say that because our old pal UV light gets a really bad rap thanks to overexposure and tanning beds.

The reality is though that most people are susceptible to skin cancer when exposed to the sun’s harsh rays on the regular without protection. In the US alone, 9,500 people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every day.

Our bodies need sunlight to maintain healthy metabolic processes, but they also need protection from overexposure on extended forays into the sun.


Why Conventional Sunscreens Kinda Suck

There’s no denying that most people at least need sunscreen some of the time when they’re out in the elements — but is conventional sunscreen actually doing more harm than good?


It turns out that a lot of the artificial ingredients frequently added to your typical bottle of sunscreen, like oxybenzone, have been linked to hormonal imbalances, birth defects, and endocrine system disruption —  yikes.

In addition to the unexpected health implications that even the FDA fesses up to, it’s been studied that the ingredients in these sunscreens are actually hurting coral reefs. In areas of high tourist activity, scientists are finding that the sunscreens entering the waters have chemicals that are not biocompatible, and are actually contributing to reef death.


Meet Manda: Skincare That’s Good Enough to Eat

A lot of skincare brands have risen to the challenge to create a sunscreen that prevents skin cancer, without killing off the world’s coral reefs.

They’ve managed to create some incredible formulas, but I have to say, Manda’s line is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

Manda’s sunscreen line is made with 100% food-grade ingredients, so it’s literally safe to eat (though we wouldn’t recommend putting it on a burrito any time soon). It’s 100% reef safe, and free of chemical nasties like oxybenzone and octinoxate.

What I really love about this sunscreen is the packaging though. The paste comes in a wood container with a tin lining and includes a small mirror for easier application. Manda’s sunscreen paste also features a really unique ingredient, Thanaka, an ingredient native to Myanmar that has powerful anti-aging properties.



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