A guy who cares about the impact his life leaves on this planet is a guy who deserves something nice this holiday season. Don’t get him something that’ll make him cringe when he breaks it out of the wrapping paper. There are TONS of awesome gifts out there for men of all kinds that are eco-friendly, and that he’ll actually want.


The Chieftain Safety Razors by Vikings Blade

Men's Gifts Chieftan Razor

I actually bought this safety razor for myself to eliminate plastic razors from my waste stream, but if I had a hubby who shaved, he’d be getting one in his stocking, too. These razors are crazy heavy duty, but glide so smoothly across your skin. They come in a swanky case, and the coolest part? The top actually opens up like a butterfly to make replacing the blades crazy simple.

(Just make sure to buy yourself one, too).



Badger Balm Beard Kit

Men's Gifts Badger Beard Balm Kit

If the man in your life is the non-shaving type, get him a beard kit to tame that savage wirey mess. This kit from Badger Balm includes all natural beard oil and beard balm to make the hair there more manageable, and pairs great with their awesome Cherry Wood Beard Comb.



Scott Leather Men’s Barefoot Winter Boots

Men's Gifts Barefoot Boot Scott

Footwear is a highly individual choice, but I’m in love with these winter boots from Vivo Barefoot. Made with extra-thin soles, they’re designed for a deeper sensory experience, allowing your feet to experience the ground like it was meant to (you know, minus the frostbite). Better still, they’re insulated and made from free-range cow leather.



Organic Cotton Flannel Jacket from Patagonia

Men's Gifts Patagonia Organic Flannel

Thick flannel this time of year is probably one of the best gifts you can give pretty much anyone, but I adore this insulated organic cotton flannel jacket from Patagonia. Even the insulative Thermogreen material is made from 90% recycled polyester (you go Patagonia!).



Upcycled Socks by OSOM

Osom Socks

Because if the man in your life is anything like mine, his socks are crazy holey. These socks from OSOM are made from up to 95% recycled fabrics, by workers who are paid fair wages in a safe working environment, so you can feel good about stuffing them into his stocking this year.



Recycled Polyester Gym Bag from Patagonia

Men's Gifts Recycled Polyester Bag Patagonia

If he’s a gym rat, make sure has a bag he can be proud of next year. This duffle bag from Patagonia is made from recycled polyester with a durable water repellant finish. It’s available in two different sizes and three different colors too!



Stir It Up Turntable by House of Marley

House of Marley Turntable Men's Gifts

I’ve totally fallen in love with the sound collection from the House of Marley, if not for the killer quality and beauty of their products, then for the awesome sustainable materials they use to make them. This snazzy turntable is made from solid bamboo and their signature Rewind material: a blend of recycled polyester, reclaimed organic cotton, and PET.



Sustainable Wooden Mens Watches by tense

Because yes, sustainable wooden watches exist, and they are BOMB. These watches are handmade in Canada with 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, and the designs are truly one of a kind. Take a look at their selection for men, and he’ll have a gift unlike anything he’s ever seen (or worn).



Beer of the Month Club Membership Beer of the Month Club

That’s right, alert the press — you can get BEER in the mail. This monthly beer subscription box features a selection of craft brews from around the country, delivered with pairing recommendations to your door every month. If he can never remember to actually bring your growler with you to your local brewery, this is the subscription service for him.



Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses by GROWN

Men's Gifts Sustainable Wooden Glasses Grown

Because sunglasses get lost or broken way too often to be made out of unsustainable materials, I was really excited to find this company who’s making some out of renewable materials. These sunglasses are made out of bamboo and wood, and look pretty darned good too.

What’s more, the company donates enough money to perform sight-restoring surgery on one patient for every purchase made through their partner, SEVA Canada.



Recycled Bike Tube Wallet by Alchemy Goods

Men's Gifts Recycled Wallet Bike Tube

Whether he’s a bike enthusiast, or just a guy with a really sad looking wallet, these wallets made from recycled bike and truck tire tubes are low-impact and built to last. Made right here in the USA with a lifetime warranty, it’s a great investment that he’ll literally own for decades.



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