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My New Favorite Natural Perfume: Meet Skylar

Jul. 3, 2019Oh, perfume. I gave up on perfume ages ago.

It’s not that I don’t like smelling good, it’s that I don’t like smelling like something for 18 hours.

Or migraines.

Or allergies.

But back in the days of Britney Spears’ Curious and Bath and Body Works, that was my life — get stinky, get a tiny bit sick, rinse and repeat.

As I got older, I learned more about what perfumes had in them, and I made a decision to ditch them entirely. There weren’t any natural perfumes on the market at that point other than essential oils, and I gave up.

Until Skylar.

Why Perfumes Cause Headaches

The thing is, I’m not special or weird. Thousands of men and women alike have completely given up on perfumes and colognes because they’re just too much.

Chemicals and artificial fragrances in conventional perfumes have been proven to cause migraines, allergic reactions, and general sensory overwhelm that can lead to sweating, nausea, and even faintness!

I mean, how crazy is that? People are just trying to smell good, but the fragrances are SO overwhelming that they’re actually making some people sick.


Fragrance Pollution is Totally A Thing

Once perfumes and their toxicity became a part of the mainstream discussion, essential oils ascended to popularity. People began dabbing them on their wrists, wearing them in necklace diffusers—even adding them to their laundry routines.

The result was that people were using a medical-grade product as a cosmetic, with very little understanding of how they impacted their health.

Essential oils joined the assault on our senses with conventional perfumes, and the results were much the same—people getting sick from what somebody else was wearing to smell good.

In situations were people are forced to spend extended periods of time together in warm, small spaces like airplanes, it rapidly became a health hazard, in some cases sparking regulations and a new social code:

Don’t wear your smelly stuff on my flight, pretty please.

Why I Love Skylar’s Natural Perfumes

Look, I gave up on perfume, okay? I loved it, and it broke my heart to leave those pretty bottles behind, but it hurt me more than it helped me.

I was done. Or I thought I was. Until Skylar pulled me back in.

Skylar sent me a sample kit for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and I fell right back in love with fragrance.

At first I was afraid to love again. I waited for the migraines. For my husband to complain. For my baby to break out.

But none of that ever happened.

These scents are so beautiful, so insanely indulgent, but simultaneously not overwhelming at all. After a few hours, the fragrances were gone, and another spritz or two would top me off for the night.

What I really love about Skylar’s natural perfumes is that they smell incredible, but the scent is not preceding your entrance into a room—it wafts after you when a breeze catches you. It’s there, it’s decadent and so, so intoxicating, but it’s not so pungent that it’s the only thing people smell when they’re standing next to you.

Natural Perfumes Done Right

What I really love about these perfumes is that they smell great, but they’re also hypoallergenic and 100% paraben-free. They’re not tested on animals, either, and are made with non-toxic, 100% natural ingredients.


Skylar’s Natural Perfume Scent of the Month Club

Skylar does this awesome thing where they send you one roll-on perfume per month from an exclusive, limited-time only collection. It’s their way of letting you sample scents for a great price before you totally commit to stocking up with a whole bottle.

New perfume every month, and the fragrance is all natural?

I am so in.

Skylar sent me their July scent of the month, this breezy, intoxicating scent called Salt Air.

I’m not normally a fan of scents billed with water names. Fragrances like ‘Spring Rain’ and ‘Morning Dew’ never fail to make me think of a poorly adjusted carpet cleaning fragrance.

But Salt Air is…unexpectedly complex.

Every time I put this fragrance on, I pick up a note of something even more complex than before.

It’s not a heavy, musky perfume that you’d wear on a date night, and at the same time, it is. The fragrance sits heavier than your usual water-themed perfume. It’s not just fresh, it’s feminine. Sexy. 

All while being light enough to wear for every day, and never too overwhelming in the heat.

I’m in love. I didn’t think I would be, but I’m in LOVE with Salt Air, and you’re going to be too.



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Destiny Hagest

By Destiny Hagest

 —  Destiny is a freelance writer with a background in sustainability and natural health. She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son. When she's not writing or chasing her toddler, you can find her wandering the quiet wilderness in search of wild herbs and antler sheds.

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