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2019 Mother’s Day Green Gift Guide

May. 1, 2019It’s never been a better time to be a crunchy mom, so we’re hint-dropping like crazy in this year’s edition of the Green Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Shamelessly share and tag on social media — these prezzies are too good for tact.

These gifts are perfect for eco-friendly moms who still want to be spoiled on Mother’s Day. The world has spoken, and moms everywhere are asking for their gifts to be sustainable, non-toxic, and fair-trade (with a side of breakfast in bed please).

This lineup doesn’t disappoint, with something for everyone, from the fitness junkies to the suckers for creature comfort.


#1–Skylar Natural Perfume

There aren’t many natural perfumes out there, and crunchy girls have gone a loooong time without hope that something besides patchouli oil would be available. NO MORE, I SAY.

Skylar is the newest natural perfume brand on the market, with six scents for body and home that are just enough, and never too much.

We Tried It

Skylar sent me their sampler set to take for a spin, and I immediately fell in love. I was skeptical at first — it’s been years since I’ve taken a chance on a perfume. Too-heavy fragrances that were more migraine-inducing then they were scintillating had left me wary of trying anything new.

I was SO pleasantly surprised with Skylar. These natural perfumes smell incredible, but what I really loved was that they weren’t overbearing — I never felt suffocated by the fragrances. The sampler pack came with six fragrances:

  • Arrow — This is my go-to date night perfume. It’s sexy, with a musky floral scent.
  • Capri — This scent is super citrusy, and wears like a springy body spray. Super light and easygoing, it felt perfect for a quicken morning freshen-up.
  • Coral — I LOVE this one. It reminded me vaguely of Clinique’s Happy Heart, but again, not quite so overpowering. It’s light and feminine, with just the right amount of pop to get someone to turn their head and tell you, you smell good.
  • Isle — This scent is SO different. It has this freshness to it that I can’t quite place — almost pine-like, but not as intense. It’s very subtle, but distinctive once you pick up on it.
  • Meadow — This one is so romantic and feminine, extremely floral, with a light muskiness to it that’s heady and sexy. I love a quick spritz of this before slipping into bed at night.
  • Willow — Hands down my favorite scent, yet strangely, almost smells like a men’s cologne, Willow is just intoxicating. Maybe it’s the light reminiscence of men’s cologne, but whatever it is, this woodsy down to earth fragrance has completely stolen my heart.

Because Skylar loves moms — grab 15% on ANY Skylar product (even their scent club) with code AVOCADO15.




I’m a sucker for a great candle, but I’ve long since outgrown the doorbuster sales at Bath and Body Works. In search of something with a natural fragrance and no petroleum wax, I found Hyggelight. These beautiful candles, dubbed ‘The Growing Candle’, are a zero waste, non-toxic candle any mom is going to fall in love with.

Each soy candle is naturally scented with organic fragrance oils and poured into a stunning planter. Once the candle is burned up, you take the label, which is printed on seed paper, and plant it in the container, and get a beautiful houseplant a few weeks later.

We Tried It

Oh. My. GOSH you guys. I love these candles. When my Hyggelights came in the mail, it was like an early Mother’s Day. Their smells are floral and SO lush, without being over the top and migraine-inducing.

The containers are all about the same size, and in the most beautiful neutral colors that look so beautiful in my home. I wasn’t sure what to do with the labels (it takes me a while to burn through an entire candle), so I stashed them in my junk drawer until the time comes to plant them.

Get these things. Seriously — best gifts EVER.

Use the promo LOVEYOURMOM for 20% OFF your entire order.




GlobeIn has SO many beautiful goodies, it’s hard to know where to start here. This specialty store stocks stunning, handmade goods direct from artisans all over the world, providing fair wages, job security, and so much more.

We Tried It

GlobeIn sent me one of their specialty gift boxes to review for this gift guide, and it did not disappoint. The Tasting Box is one of GlobeIn’s curated gift boxes, a fun, handcrafted set made for celebrating together — and it’s perfect for Mother’s Day.

Since I’m a craft beer lover, I was SUPER excited about this gorgeous wooden flight and glass serving set. The glass on these little cups is so thick and beautiful, it’s extremely well made. The included bottle opener doubles as a necklace (helllllo functional fashion), and the bottle coaster will keep mom happy while you pour up some samples.
If the mom in your life isn’t a beer drinker, GlobeIn has other curated boxes in their Artisan Boxes collection.

Use code ‘AVOGREEN25’ for 25% off your entire order. Expires May 15th.




Ten Thousand Villages is another fantastic online store doing beautiful things in the world by providing income and job security to artisans from around the world. With the mission of providing these people with a higher quality of life and sharing their beautiful culture with the world, Ten Thousand Villages stocks a custom curated collection of some of the most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts you’ll find.

We love the Pedicure Friend Seahorse for a little self-care. This terracotta pedicure friend is handmade, pretty enough to leave sitting on the edge of your tub, and generally every mom’s must-have.

Ten Thousand Villages is offering Avocado readers 25% off one regular priced item for Mother’s Day — use code AVOCADO25 at checkout!




Give a mom this gorgeous meditation pillow and 20 minutes to herself for Mother’s Day, and you just might make her a happier mom. Brentwood Home makes gorgeous, non-toxic, environmentally friendly home goods, and true to that mission, this meditation pillow is 100% non-toxic.

Vegan certified and filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls, the pillow is firm and supportive enough to allow you to sit and meditate, without getting uncomfortable.




A lot of moms (erm, maybe this one in fact) throw a flowery kimono over everything to feel instantly more put together, and this one from Garnet Hill is no exception. It’s soft, it’s light, and it’s versatile enough to be worn with an outfit, or over what you slept in the night before.

Made with organic cotton and available in six different patterns, your mom is going to LOVE it.




Something moms also wear all the time? LEGGINGS.

And I promise you, we will never have enough of them.

There are a few companies out there making leggings out of sustainable fibers like recycled plastic bottles, but to our knowledge, nobody but GoLite is making them with POCKETS.

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than GoLite’s Rebound leggings with pockets to store all of your mom essentials. Made from recycled plastic bottles and with all of the moisture wicking compression fit that moms love, these things are a must-have.

We Tried It

GoLite sent us some samples from their new collection to check out, and they did NOT disappoint. The material is surprisingly lightweight, definitely an athletic fabric, but incredibly supportive, and not at all shiny. My favorite part of the leggings was definitely the back zipper pocket (perfect for stashing a few essentials), and I love the thumb holes in the jacket sleeves.

GoLite is now offering 15% off for subscribing to their list — sign up now to get your discount!





Fair-trade coffee is pretty common now, but what does fair-trade even mean? Farmer’s First is a company who takes it a step further, paying the farmer who grows their beans four times what fair-trade regulations require.

The result? Aromatic coffee that provides a better quality of life for the farmers who grow it — and a major pick me up for the tired mom in your life.




I love curated gift boxes, and these collections by One for Women are perfect for moms. One for Women’s curated gift sets feature products sourced from women-owned or women-run businesses. The Hug In a Box Gift Set is full of all things self-love, including a calming body mist, instant dissolving tea drops, and a beautiful minimalist mug.

Use code MOTHERSDAY for 10% off at checkout!




The Starfish Project is so cool — an organization dedicated to lifting up and rehabilitating exploited women in Asia. Through rehabilitation with healthcare, counseling, and shelter, The Starfish Project gets these women back on their feet, and then gives them opportunities to build careers within the company.

These women go on to become accountants, graphic designers, and managers, learning valuable job skills to give them freedom and financial independence, in a system that has preyed on their vulnerabilities.

The Starfish Project sells jewelry as part of this business model — beautifully delicate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings — and they’re the perfect way to honor strong women in your life this Mother’s Day.




We love businesses built to do good, and that’s exactly what LSTN Sound Co is. These guys make beautiful headphones, earbuds, and speakers, and donate a portion from their sales to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

To date, this incredible company has helped more than 30,000 people around the world who are struggling with hearing loss.

And seriously, all you have to do is get a sweet set of earbuds for your mom. These sweatproof earbuds are perfect for mom’s morning jog.

Avocado readers get 25% off LSTN Sound Co — just use code AVOCADOGREEN at checkout!




I LOVE Fair Indigo. This store is all about paying people comfortable living wages so that the ones at the top of the corporate ladder aren’t the only ones benefiting from the business model. This company stocks handcrafted goods for men, women, and babies, and is a GREAT place to go Mother’s Day shopping.

The Herkimer diamond and copper earrings were crafted fairly in Wisconsin (Blue Hill by Hand), and are insanely warm and feminine. Hint-hint, nudge-nudge people.




GoSili makes a ton of really great silicone gear, but what I love most about their line are definitely their travel coffee mugs. They’re 100% plastic-free, microwaveable, and they don’t collapse, thanks to the embedded stainless steel ring in the rim.

Even better, GoSili recycles the occasional product of theirs that does wear out. When it’s time to replace an old mug or cup, just send them the old one, and they’ll recycle it FOR you.

We Tried It

These mugs are INSANE. GoSili sent over one of their 100% silicone coffee mugs, along with a set of their silicone straws and a straw top adapter. The whole thing is completely interchangeable, and was as perfect for my morning coffee as it was for my afternoon smoothie.

The best part? No more clicking my teeth on my stainless steel straws. I’m GoSili for LIFE.

Use code SILIAGM for 15% off Friday through Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend.




Peace by Chocolate was founded by a family of Syrian refugees. After fleeing their war-torn country and losing their business, the family was stunned by the generosity of their new community, who came together to help them rebuild in Canada.

Now, Peace by Chocolate spreads the message of peace and acceptance with their handcrafted chocolates, which were made possible by the generosity of a people who helped them in their hour of need.

Their chocolates are made with natural flavorings, come in boxes large and small, and are a fantastic way to show mom some love and support this incredible family business.




Plantioxidants makes some incredible skin care products, all of which are from natural ingredients. The best part is that their entire line comes in recyclable containers, and their packaging and manufacturing process is environmentally conscious from beginning to end.

We tried their kale juice face mask this past year and fell in love with it, but you’ve gotta get mom a bottle of their Moisturizing Rich Cream next — it’s the perfect blend of luxe and eco-friendly.



What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day this year? Show us on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us in the post! @AvocadoMattress and

Destiny Hagest

By Destiny Hagest

 —  Destiny is a freelance writer with a background in sustainability and natural health. She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son. When she's not writing or chasing her toddler, you can find her wandering the quiet wilderness in search of wild herbs and antler sheds.

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