One unwanted byproduct of hosting a party is all the litter that is left behind. In today’s world it’s especially imperative to minimize our carbon footprint so that we may preserve the Earth for the generations to come. But also, who doesn’t love a good party? Here are a few tips to help you host an eco-friendly party with pizzazz and purpose.


Go paperless! Because let’s face it, physical paper invitations more often than not end up being thrown out, creating more waste. There are tons of digital options available, here are some of our picks:

Let the group chat know about your party with Hobnob. Get creative and make dazzling invitations that you can text to anyone.

Elevating the art of the invitation, Paperless Post has managed to reimagine the traditional invite. Their custom invitations help you create incredibly personal digital invitations to help celebrate your most important life occasions.

Drinks & Snacks

Aim for organic, fair-trade food grown locally or sourced within 200 miles. If outsourcing, order food from a local businesses or caterer who sources organic and local. Find brands that give back. For example, One Hope Wine  will not only satisfy your wine-loving guests but they also give back through their One Hope Foundation.


Think of old decoration you can add a fun twist to! Scavenging through thrift stores can be like treasure hunting, you’re sure to find incredible vintage furniture and table settings. Add mother nature’s favorite color (green) to your party palette—opt outside and host a get together at a local park or community space.Use sustainable dining wear, there is a bounty of paperless options online, below are some of our favorites:

Each Bambeco product is crafted with care from reclaimed, recycled, natural, renewable and organic materials-designed to take toxicity out of the home and enhance the way we connect with nature. They are committed to having a net zero carbon footprint by 2020. Additionally, for every purchase made they plant a tree to give back to the Earth.

Year & Day researched the finest in materials and craftsmanship and then traveled the world in order to partner with responsible manufacturers. Their table-settings are elegant yet durable and designed to last for years.

Give Back

No single-use plastic here, Hummingbird Straws are reusable and made out of glass. They are kid-friendly, dishwasher safe and most importantly sustainable. Don’t let all that leftover food go to waste, encourage your guests to take home a plate. If you’re still left with a mountain of food, consider giving Food Runners a call. They deliver over 10,000 meals every week in San Francisco alone.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start planning an eco-friendly party! Don’t forget to enjoy the moment and rejoice.

Images courtesy of Carly Mask, Krysta Sinclair, and Praise Santos


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