Without looking, how many photos would you guess are on your phone right now? 1,000? 2,000? More? I just checked and there are precisely 14,944 photos on my phone at present.

That’s right, nearly fifteen thousand photos, all on one little device. And that’s just one phone – that’s not including the two old phones I still own that still hold many thousands more images, or the computers and hard drives and – don’t forget – The Cloud. We document our lives now more than we ever have before, but so rarely do those images make it anywhere past the devices that captured them. When was the last time you actually printed a photo? Can you even remember? For those of us who grew up snapping family photos on our parent’s Canons and Nikons and capturing blurry, happy childhood antics on disposable cameras, it can be surprising when we consider how infrequently we actually see our images printed these days. I have so many memories of flipping through my parent’s photo albums as a child, marveling at the fact that they somehow existed and lived very mysterious lives before I came along – the only albums on my shelf at the moment is my wedding album and an album of photos taken – and printed – in college. Safe to say there have been plenty of images taken between those dates and now that haven’t seen the light of day. I’m guessing you’re in the same boat.

Why don’t we prioritize printing our photos anymore? A Monday morning trip to the 1-hour photo lab used to be ritual, but with even the concept of 1-hour photo quickly becoming a thing of the past – along with film in general – we seem less and less likely to take the time to print our images. This could be due in part because we take so many images – case in point: the 15,000 photos on my phone right now, at least ½ of which are likely to be blurry photos of my cat – and don’t bother to sift through and organize them. Gone are the days of a carefully considered 24 or 36 frame roll of film that you shelled out good money to purchase. Now, it’s commonplace to snap 24 to 36 images all of the same thing – sometimes within seconds – when you think about it, of course we’re not printing photos, we’re too busy taking photos to actually print them! But there’s reason to slow down a bit. Sure, you can scroll through your phone to look at the photos you’ve taken, but doesn’t flipping through a beautifully composed photo album just sound… better? Or looking at your bookcase and seeing a neatly-arranged row of albums, organized by year and season, specially printed on recycled paper, just for you?

This is where Artifact Uprising comes in.


Artifact Uprising wants you to print your photos. For many reasons, but mainly, for all the reasons listed above. Founders Jenna Walker and Katie Thurmes were asking themselves the same question of “what’s left behind” when we shoot thousands of photos and leave them to moulder on our devices. Self-taught wedding photographers, they too snapped image after image on their cameras with no “true place to live”, at the same time, they saw a resource in unused paper products – could they marry the two? In 2012 they did just that, with the launch of Artifact Uprising, a premium photo printing service where customers – professional photographers and everyday people like you and I alike – can create custom albums, photos gifts and more using the images that would otherwise turn to dust on our phones, computers and hard drives.


“We believe that doing good is more important than doing well – and that kindness makes the world right.”


Artifact Uprising isn’t just here to print the images from your phone – from start to finish, they’re committed to bringing gorgeous, well-crafted products to their customers using the best possible materials. What does this mean? This means wood photo blocks and mounts handcrafted from reclaimed fallen Mountain Beetle Pine, harvested by Azure Furniture Company from already-felled trees in the Colorado Rocky mountains and carefully crafted to hold your images. It means photobooks and products made from recycled paper and fiber in partnership with Mohawk Options Paper. It means gorgeous, tactile images, printed for you to enjoy for years to come.


And it means real, printed albums for your children to flip through and marvel at the fact that you lead a wild, mysterious life before they came along.



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