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Farm-Fresh Beauty with Tata Harper

May. 2, 2018There was a time, not too long ago, when “100% natural skin care” looked very different from what we’ve come to expect from plant-based and eco-friendly beauty today. Ten or twenty years ago, the term ‘plant-based’ didn’t even exist yet! And the choices available at your local cosmetics store or market for skincare and cosmetics that were both friendly for the environment and friendly for skin were few and far between.

Had you asked the beauty-obsessed masses of the ‘90s to slather oil or botanicals all over their faces, you’d likely be met with with looks that suggested, perhaps, that you’d lost your mind. How far we’ve come! When you think about it, we’re pretty darn lucky to live in this time where the choices are endless, and the options infinite when it comes to clean, Earth-loving cosmetics and skin care. As awareness grows of the impact of synthetic chemicals on the earth and our bodies, more and more people are recycling their old stand-by products and replacing them with smarter, gentler options.

But of course, with all the new options for clean skincare available at everything from high-end stores like Sephora, to your local drugstore, comes a modern problem… how to choose!


Skincare – for Better or Worse

As our understanding of skin health and how to support it has evolved, so too have the options. A quick internet search will turn up everything you’d ever want to know about a product and its ingredients (for better or worse — what’s more disappointing than finding out a brand or product you’d heard so much about is actually poor quality?); it’s easier than ever to discover whether brand and their products are full of all the good stuff. Or simply full of it.

Unfortunately, many of the conventional brands out there are made with a laundry list of the bad stuff, filled with ingredients like:


Artificial ingredients


Synthetic chemicals


Artificial colors


What makes these super common ingredients specifically bad? Besides obviously not wanting to slather your face with outright toxins, many of these seemingly innocuous ingredients could actually make your skin worse and may cause or contribute to any number of reactions, like clogging pores and triggering acne. And if you’re already prone to eczema or psoriasis, the reactions could be even worse. Add to that the fact that the skin simply wasn’t designed to be compatible with synthetics, and you have a recipe for potential disaster (or at least a bad case of acne).

When put in terms of food, it makes a lot of sense: Feed your body all-natural goodness and it hums like a machine. Feed it a diet full of sugar and processed food, and things get out of whack pretty quickly.

Poorly-made, chemical-laden cosmetics are like junk food for your face. Who wants that?


Bad for Your Face, Bad for the Earth

But the issue of products made with parabens and other synthetics goes more than skin-deep. These ingredients are harming the environment, too. Along with the plastic packaging, which requires petroleum to produce and often ends up in a landfill, many of the synthetic chemicals and man-made oils used to create cheap products are tied to petroleum as well. Those chemicals don’t simply disappear when we wash them down the drain—they’re released into the world, sometimes straight into groundwater.

It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

But thankfully, there are more alternatives to the status-quo than ever. So much so, that it’s easy to imagine a world in which high-quality, nontoxic and all-natural cosmetics and skincare eventually replaces the chemical-laden status quo as demand for safe, effective products increases.

One brand leading the charge? Tata Harper Skincare.

Tata Harper’s Farm Fresh Approach

Founded by Tata Harper, Tata Harper Skincare was born from her desire to find 100% natural products that lived up to her high standards of quality and efficacy. Unable to source products she loved, she simply began to make them herself. Founding Tata Harper Skincare wasn’t her first foray into the skincare world. A native of Colombia, Harper developed an appreciation for the simple ritual of a beauty routine from an early age. But it wasn’t until she struggled to find products that were effective, made of top-quality natural ingredients and enjoyable to use that the wheels started turning and Tata Harper Skincare came to fruition.

Since its founding in 2010, Tata Harper Skincare has been revolutionizing the idea of what luxury skincare can be. Tata Harper products are neither the old standby “luxury” products traditionally sold at beauty counters in department stores across the country or the one-ingredient-wonders sold at your local health food market. The brand embraces maximalism when it comes to the efficacy of the products, blending science and technology with the plant world to create a high-quality hybrid of the two that’s earned a cult following.

Thanks in part to the fairytale-like origin of many of the main botanical and herbal ingredients: Harper’s sprawling Vermont farm.

While not all ingredients are grown farm-side, the Julius Kingdom Farm (which Harper also calls home with her husband, children and many, many dogs) is many of the botanicals used in Harper’s formulations are grown.  While some ingredients are sourced from their native lands (going straight to the source will always yield a better ingredient), most of the herbs and botanicals in the products are grown and harvested right at the farm. Everything is made in-house and adheres to Harper’s strict standards:

Nothing artificial

No parabens

No artificial ingredients


No synthetic chemicals


No artificial colors

No fillers

Yes, the exact opposite of the first list in this article.


Follow Your Bottle

But it’s not just about making an effective, top-quality natural product. Tata Harper Skincare aims to empower consumers to learn where their products originate and what’s currently “in season”, through the ‘Now Batching’ section of the site. Additionally, each Tata Harper Skincare package is etched with a code that can be entered on the site for even more information.

By entering the code into the ‘Follow Your Bottle’ page, consumers can learn not only how fresh their products are, but also who made the product itself. It’s a model of transparency that further sets the brand apart from the hazy origins of many of the skincare giants out there.

In short, Tata Harper believes skincare is worth investing in and gorgeous skin isn’t worth risking your health over.

Want the full Tata Harper treatment? You can actually take a class with Tata herself and learn how to use the  products!



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Julie O'Boyle

By Julie O'Boyle

 —  Julie O'Boyle is a freelance writer and content strategist with a background in fashion and DIY and a devotion to the outdoors and functional nutrition. Currently residing in the woods of Maine, when she's not writing you can find her at the beach or on a mountain, or otherwise getting her hands dirty.

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