Can you picture an eco-friendly Halloween? What does that even look like?Nobody wants to take all the fun out of crazy costumes and piles of candy, but there are definitely ways we can decorate our homes this year that’ll have less of an impact on the planet (and I promise, they don’t compromise on creepy).

It’s not magic, it’s just a little bit of planning combined with some mega creativity for a scary pad that still screams Halloween, without creating a ton of unnecessary waste.

Here are some easy ways you can decorate this Halloween, guilt not included.


Go Biodegradable

It is incredibly easy to make biodegradable Halloween decorations, and in some cases you can even buy them. Check out these compostable creepy ways to adorn your haunted house.

Jack o’lanterns

A classic jack o’lantern always looks great, and it’s perfect for composting in the garden when you’re done with it. Use a Beeswax Tealight Candle from the Beeswax Co. in it, or try an LED tealight for something you can reuse again next year. (And stay tuned for the perfect way to “recycle” your pumpkin later this month.)


Blair Witch Stick Figures

Straight out of one of the creepiest movies to grace the 90s, these easy to make DIY Blair Witch-inspired Stick Figures are perfect to hang from your trees, and can be composted when you’re done with them (or just leave them up all year to freak your neighbors out).


Ghastly Scarecrows

When done right, Scarecrows can be some of the creepiest lawn decorations ever. Use a jack o’lantern with a wicked grin, and give him some threadbare drapings made of cheesecloth that’ll catch the wind. Add some twisty branches to the ends of his arms to give him some fearsome claws.


Pumpkin Drink Cooler

Cut the top off a pumpkin and fill it with ice and cold ones for a seasonal drink cooler that isn’t made of styrofoam! As an added bonus, you can compost the seeds with the pumpkin, and you might just get a volunteer pumpkin patch out of the deal!

Yarn Spiderwebs

Those polyester spiderwebs-in-a-bag are pretty much the staple of everyone’s spooky Halloween decor arsenal, but they never decompose, and they almost always get thrown away.

Make a bigger statement by stretching a DIY Black Yarn Spiderweb across your ceiling instead, complete with some felt spiders that’ll give your party guests the creepy crawlies.


Try Upcycling

Turning trash into great Halloween dècor is surprisingly easy when you have a little inspiration! Start looking through your house to see what you already have that can be turned into some one of a kind Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


Wine Bottle Vases

Take some of those old wine bottles you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw away and turn them into a gorgeous set of coordinated Halloween vases!


Barbie Army of the Undead

Snag some ancient, forgotten Barbie dolls and turn them into zombies with a little paint! Bonus points for having some emerge from the ground in your yard.

Creepy Babydolls

Porcelain dolls are already pretty creepy on their own, but take it to the next level by painting on stitches, maniacal grins, and giving them a few weapons. Sit them in unexpected places before your Halloween bash to make your guests jump.


Tin Can Luminaries

Drill holes into tin cans and spray paint them for a cute and festive DIY lantern that beats the pants off of just recycling them.


Chicken Wire Ghosts

Feeling ambitious? These DIY Human-Size Chicken Wire Ghosts take a little patience to make, but with a coat of glow in the dark spray paint, are probably the creepiest lawn decoration your neighbors will ever see.


Spooky Vignettes

Take some of those tacky old picture frames you have lying around and breathe some gothic life into them. Hit them with a coat of black spray paint, and then add some spooky silhouettes and ghostly images. Or try stacking old books, candles, and newspapers.

Embrace Reusable

DIY and biodegradable are great, but anything you can reuse year after year is better than something you throw away. Giant plastic pumpkins your thing? Go for it! Gotta have that freaky animatronic grim reaper for your mud room? Hey, go nuts!

Decorations like this are still a much better choice than things like styrofoam pumpkins and disposable tablecloths, and you’ll save mega bucks by being able to hold onto them over the years!


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