DIY Sage Bundles to Cleanse Your Home

Nov. 10, 2017A fresh month is a great time to think about cleansing your space — and I’m not just talking about a quick sweep and a vacuum (although those two practices are encouraged, especially during cold and flu season). Just as we clear the cobwebs and dust bunnies from our homes, the energy that surrounds us must be cleared as well.

Think about it: If you’ve had a bad month, received some not-so-great news, or generally felt low, those vibes (for lack of a better word) can affect the way you feel in your home. Burning sage in your space is an incredible way to not only transition to the month ahead, but cleanse the air and the energy from your home and start fresh, whether you’ve just moved into a new place or simply wish to feel more positive in your existing home or apartment.

Why burn sage?

Used traditionally for thousands of years by a variety of cultures, burning sage sticks — and sticks made from other bundled herbs and flowers — has become a common practice to clear negative thoughts, emotions, and — if you believe in them — spirits, too. Sage, specifically, is said to clear negative energy, but whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, the scent of sage and sage smoke is a wonderful cleanser for the air around you, eliminating lingering odors like those you’d find in your kitchen or musty basement.


It’s easy to make your own

Sage sticks can be found commercially, but making your own is incredibly easy and rewarding, as you can fully customize the herbs and flowers you include, ensuring you know exactly what it is you’re burning. Rosemary, lavender, and roses are all visually appealing additions that smell and look amazing, and wrapping them up in bundles is a great way to use up the last of your summer herb garden bounty.

Plus, they make beautiful and meaningful gifts. With the holidays coming up, use the DIY steps below to make a bunch of handmade sage bundles now to provide enough drying time to ensure they’re ready to go when gift-giving rolls around. These bundles look gorgeous used as gift-toppers or wrapped together with palo santo, crystals, and essential oils to make a beautiful self-care-focused present.

DIY Sage Bundles



Fresh sage

Fresh flowers, petals, or other herbs (lavender, rose petals, and rosemary are all great additions)

Cotton twine



Step #1

DIY Sage Bundles Energy Cleanse Step 1

First, decide on the materials you’d like to use and arrange them on your work surface. Fresh sage and herbs work best for this as they’re more pliable, but partially-dried flowers and petals can easily be added in.


Step #2

DIY Sage bundle Step 2 Energy Cleanse

You’ll want your sage bundles to be about 5-inches long. Use scissors to trim sage pieces to this length, bunching the pieces together and layering the trimmed pieces on top as you go.


Step #3

DIY Sage Bundle Energy Cleanse Step 3

Add in trimmed pieces of flowers and herbs, if desired, as you go.


Step #4

DIY Sage Bundle Step 4 Energy Cleanse

When your first bundle is nice and thick, tie a long length of string to the bottom of the bundle.


Step #5

DIY Sage Bundle Energy Cleansing Step 5

Wrap the bundle upwards, tucking leaves and ends in as you go. When you reach the top of the bundle, switch direction and wrap back downward.


Step #6

DIY Sage Bundles Energy Cleanse Step 6

Tie off the string at the original knot and trim any remaining string ends. Repeat to make as many bundles as you want!


Step #7

DIY Sage Bundles Energy Cleanse Step 7

Set your bundles aside and allow at least three weeks drying time.


All done — time to cleanse your space! Use the sage stick to waft sage smoke through your space to clear the air and refresh.


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Julie O'Boyle

By Julie O'Boyle

 —  Julie O'Boyle is a freelance writer and content strategist with a background in fashion and DIY and a devotion to the outdoors and functional nutrition. Currently residing in the woods of Maine, when she's not writing you can find her at the beach or on a mountain, or otherwise getting her hands dirty.

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